Wounded Elk


Pat Randall 4 years, 1 month ago

Why didn't Game and Fish shoot the elk and get it out of its misery? They could have then given the meat to one of the places that feed the homeless or whatever. Of course they may have got thier hands dirty, and would have to get rid of the hide and innards. I bet the elk lays there in the yard and dies and they will have to clean it up anyway or someone will.


Ronald Hamric 4 years, 1 month ago

Time will tell Pat. I have known many hunters who have harvested an elk only to find out during butchering it, that it had broadhead arrows or bullets imbedded in a bone and calcified over, from a previous encounter with hunters. I personally had the same experience with a javelina. A "judo" arrowhead designed for small game, embedded under the cervical spine and completely healed over. Admittidly, it is rare, but elk are tough and if not hit in a vital area, they can recover. I used to have a big bull come into my property here in Pine that had a severly deformed right front lower leg. Looked like he either was hit by a vehicle or sustained the injury from fighting another bull. The injury had healed and he wasn't as agile as he normally would have been, but he was getting along fine.He did have deformed antlers on the left side which is typical for an injury such as his.

Many in the Pine area have seen the cow many of us refer to as "gotch tongue". Her lower jaw is all busted loose and her tongue hangs off to one side. We've seen her for several years and she is still birthing calves in the spring. She manages to eat well enough with her disability that she has been around for several years. They are tough survivors .

Merry Christmas to you and yours.


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