Home Depot Manager rules his kingdom and abuses customers


Ronald Hamric 4 years ago

Intersting . My experience at that store has been exactly the opposite as yours. Can't say I've ever had an occasion to actually meet the manager, but I have never found the employees to be anything but courteous and helpful. You may want to elaborate on why you feel as negative as you do so it might help folks understand your negative feelings towards Home Depot's manager. Otherwise it is pure hyperboly.


John Lemon 4 years ago

Ms. Williams: I agree with Mr. Hamric in that I have always found the employees at Home Depot to be courteous and helpful, although sometimes scarce. I suggest that all of us have had "bad" experiences at various businesses. Perhaps it would serve you better if you deal with the management of Home Depot. People on this site can do little to help you except sympathize.


Pat Randall 4 years ago

Ms. Williams. I have been to Home Depot several times and found they are the best, most helpful employees of anywhere I go in to in Payson. I hurt when I walk so I stop at the cashier and tell them what I need. They have always either walked me to the product or when I need water filters for my refrigerator they tell me to have a seat and they go get them for me. I always take an empty box the last one came in so that they know what I need. I don't know the manager so can't comment on him. What was your problem you needed the manager for? Maybe the manager was returning your attitude. How do you know company policy and why weren't you dealing with an employee?


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