General plan again with another consultant


Pat Randall 3 years, 9 months ago

How many times has the town hired consultants for a general plan and anything else that is someones bright idea?. Doesn't anyone working for the town know anything? How often do they have to hire a counsultant for anything that never gets done? Scott Flake had a great plan all drawn out for the event center, and it was never used. A lot of work has been done out there the last few years but is it a plan? First they hauled out a lot of dirt for a lake then hauled more back in because someone changed thier mind. If the employees don't know what is needed how does a high dollar consultant know? Who tells them? Remember the joke of the transportation consultant? He didn't know there were houses past Green Valley Park and up by the airport but had a public transportation route all figured out. With the bus barn at the airport. I think his fee was olnly $40,000.

Why don't we fire the town employees that don't know anything and just hire one consultant firm. We would probably have enough money to carry thru on the general plans we already have on a shelf somewhere,


frederick franz 3 years, 9 months ago


Your comment makes sense. Instead of hiring consultants, I would employ the free services of a company who will make recommendations! They then make a bid for a contract which will be clear about the cost of completing a project. The public can then vote to consider the value and the cost of the project.


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