Your hotel / motel stay security risk


don evans 3 years, 9 months ago


New device can open hotel room electric card door locks - this is why I use the manual lock or set a chair at the door.

see here>>>>


Kim Chittick 3 years, 9 months ago

That is so true Mr. Franz! My husband travels a great deal for his job. On one particular trip last year, he thought it would be ok to leave his clothing and toiletries in the hotel room when he left for the day to be about his business (as most of us do, After all isn't that one of the reasons we get a hotel?) He got back to the room later in the evening and was going to pack all but what he needed for the morning as he had a very early flight out. He discovered that his remaining clean set of clothing for the trip home, as well as an extra shirt (which he always brings, "just in case") were not in the closet. He looked all over the room and they were nowhere to be found. The shirts were very expensive, very recognizable, designer names.

He went to the front desk and was told, "sorry that happened, nothing we can do, maybe housekeeping thought you were checking out". Interesting though, that his toiletries were still left in the room. Due to the nature of his job, he is required to dress professionally and in a business-like manner when he flies. His dilemma was that all he had that would be marginally acceptable to wear, were the clothes that he had on that day. All of his other clothes had been languishing in the dirty clothes pile, and were smelly. It was too late to go shopping, so he opted to wear the set of clothes he had on.

The next morning, as he was leaving, he asked the front desk if they had turned up anything. They plopped the pair of basic, no-name slacks that had been neatly dry-cleaned and hanging in the closet, but, which were now, bunched up and all wrinkled, on the counter and said that they had turned up. However, both shirts were gone.

We did file a complaint and got some recompense, however, there is no compensation possible for the loss of trust and security. As a result of this, I leave very little in my hotel room, when I leave for the day. Or, I leave notice to not clean my room. I make up my own bed and just bring my dirty towels to the front desk and pick up clean ones. It is very inconvenient, and diminishes one of the wonderful reasons for staying in a hotel.

Very sad!!


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