The meaning of words.


Dan Haapala 3 years, 9 months ago

I grew up in a world that said what they meant and meant what they said. That seems very clear but over the years semantics have taken control of the common speak and people now have to be careful what they say. I believe my Constitution allows me to say what I think, feel and believe and gives anyone else that same right. I know my Constitution does not allow me to deny the afore mentioned right because someone in opposition believes what i say infringes on someone elses rights. The beauty of the right of free speech is that I can say you are a fool and you can you are a jerk and only those who listen to or respond can agree or disagree. Prior to WWI this country started to move toward a 'progressive' agenda that believed the press could influence the masses and have them go along with the "new way of thinking" Today that progressive philosophy is prevelant and has shown itself in the term 'political correctness'. That is not an American expression. That is a Socialist/Communist expression that denies freedom of speech. I abhore the term Racist, as I have learned the term was first established by Leon Trotsky one of the followers of Marx in Russia. The very term should be denied by all free thinking individuals because it implies that a preconceived idea of intent toward others is prevalent and it denies that a real concern may exist. It is my belief that only those who seek to rule us want to determine who is in charge and declare all others less worthy.


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