Streets and safe traffic


Pat Randall 3 years, 5 months ago

With all the bad streets we have, trees and bushes hiding signs, signs that can't be read, sides of streets falling off, why would they send employees out today in the rain to work on Frontier st. behind the telephone yard? A dump truck, a loader, one pickup and 5 employees. Two visiting, leaning on their shovels while the loader was loading dirt in the dump truck.
I have complained loud and clear about the sign at Airport Rd and McLane. The first time I think was about 3 years ago. There is a tree hanging out covering the stop sign until you are at the street. Property owners are supposed to keep their bushes trimmed back of their property line and trees are supposed to be at least 13 ft above the sidewalk. If it is a vacant lot then the town should take care of it. When I went in to day to ask about the workers on Frontier st. There was a sign with Tyler parkway and another st. laying by the door of Planning and zoning. anyone want to guess how long it will lay there?


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