flooding in Payson


Pat Randall 2 years, 5 months ago

One cause of flooding in Payson is because the town street dept. does not clean out culverts and ditches. I have not a seen a clean culvert since I moved back to Payson in 1993 except for the few home owners cleaning out culverts in front of their homes, but they all need to be cleaned out to do any good. The large one that is at the Basha's shopping center has been half full of gravel and dirt since I have been here. If all the time, equipment and man power that has been used on the event center had been used on drainage there would not have been all the flooding that happened on Monday. The town seems to have the idea of building new things, ignore the things that need fixing and we will have more people move in to create even more problems.


Pat Randall 2 years, 4 months ago

Payson does their big plans for the town and then change things every few months. They should sit down, zone all the vacant property and leave it that way. Don't zone one lot at a time with a conditional use. It costs the town and the people who might want to build something more time and money. A few years ago there was a place at the airport that was going to be industrial and low cost housing near it for the workers. The next thing I saw on that land was a house that should have been built out in Chaparral Pines. Remember when Payson Concrete was right off Longhorn and then Forest Park or some subdivision complained about the noise? They moved out on the highway and now houses are creeping up on them again. They are not allowed to drive on Tyler Parkway with their mixer trucks unless the concrete is going somewhere on Tyler. They have to drive the trucks west on 260 all the way to Beeline and clog up the traffic. Payson Concrete was there before most of the houses were built.


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