Illegals. What to do with them


Pat Randall 2 years, 9 months ago

Close down Alcatraz as a tourist attraction and send the illegals there as soon as they are caught. No jail, no trial, just a boat ride to Alcatraz. Give them enough seeds or plants to raise their own food. let them take care of them selves. No guards needed. If they need clothes and linens, let their relatives or friends send them. A bull and a couple of cows for milk and they are on their own. They can be self supporting and not be taking jobs from legal citizens. Wouldn't take long to wake them up to stay where they belong in their own country. The prison here in Florence was self supporting a long time ago. The prisoners had a farm, dairy and made licenses plates. They did all the cleaning and work. No outside employees, except guards then it all changed. Too bad. Alcatraz wouldn't need guards. Only a couple of boats to control any illegal boats coming in to get them.


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