Tim Fruth Retires


roysandoval 4 years, 8 months ago

Just to let you know. Tim Fruth retired from Alchesay High School as Associate Principal last night. It was so gratifying to see how he was honored and treated with love and respect for what he has accomplished with kids and the community. This is so different than the way he was treated by the Board here and outgoing Superintendent O'Brien. While certainly people are afraid to speak out, I am amazed at the number of communications I receive from current high school staff regarding how they wish he were back and the downward spiral of decisions, discipline, expertise etc. being taken by the current ingoing leadership. It is truly a sad commentary when someone who was "kicked" out in the seat of their pants turns out to be highly competent while the panderers and weaklings set up a card house then vacate with platitudes.
I have heard of folks, serious about running for the school board. I am "bullish" about this. People - It is time to step up for a change at the Board level.
And Tim Fruth: Thank you for all you have done as my Associate Principal and friend. Your competence, integrity and judgment have made an immense contribution to the lives of students and colleagues. I am honored to have worked with and beside you over these last seven years.


Tim Fruth 4 years, 8 months ago

Roy, thanks for the kind words. It has been a good and long run. Very cool and heartwarming for me to be so honored. To have the Whiteriver School Board personally thank me for all I have done for their kids and have the superintendent tell me how much they appreciated all I had given and have done for their students. To be honored by Reyneldi at the graduation was extra special. They have grabbed a piece of my heart and I have left a place much better than I had found it. Very gratifying for me at a personal level.

How does that compare to being run out and badmouthed by the superintendent, local board and some of their significant others? I think they know how that is working out for them. Sometimes the Lord works in mysterious ways. In the meantime, coffee time. :)


Pat Randall 4 years, 8 months ago

So, Tim, come Monday morning, what are you going to do? Don't have to worry about next year school term or students. Old habits are hard to break. Maybe you should run for school board ??


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