Executive Session on May 29, 2012 Questions?


Tim Fruth 4 years, 7 months ago

This is what the agenda said: Executive Session for Legal Advice and to Discuss Pending Litigation Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes Section 38-431.03.A.3 and Section 38-431.03.A.4.

This is what the minutes said: A. Discussion and Possible Action Regarding Approval of Proposed Settlement Agreement with Arizona Department of Education – Mr. O’Brien

So what is this about? I don't have the foggiest but when there is a settlement with Az Dept of Education that probably means a loss in funding. My guess is that this may be about the middle school not meeting their required minutes for funding? Why the secrecy? I would hope that the Roundup would follow up on this intriguing item and so far unreported item that could be costing taxpayers money.


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