Bus Monitor and Middle School Bullies


John Lemon 4 years, 7 months ago

I saw the video of the bus Monitor being bullied and abused by Middle School children on a bus. I am disgusted, appalled and angry at those kids and likely the parents. First, the school should ban the children from riding the bus for some time. Second, the school should exercise the most strict punishment that their behavior code will allow in terms of suspension or expelling. Third, the parents and accused kids should each be counseled (warned) about abuse in its various forms. Fourth, the entire school and perhaps District should have compulsory training about abuse/bullying. A Parent's Night should do the same for the parents. Criminal charges should be lodged against the worst kids ( Assault? Sexual harassment??). Now, I have some questions in my mind. Did the District train the Bus Monitor in regard to taking actions to deal with kids who are out of order? Is the Monitor required to report the abuses to school authorities? Have such behaviors happened before this instance and when they were reported did school authorities react appropriately? Why was the bus driver not aware of the situation and why did the driver not stop the bus and intervene? None of my questions or answers to them relieve the children or parents of responsibility. but could shed light on what needs to happen in that District. Perhaps they could begin with severe punishments !


Pat Randall 4 years, 7 months ago

Start with the head of the school.
If the driver was so blind that he or she was unable to see or hear what was going on, fire them. Have the parents drive thier kids to school for about six weeks. Drivers and monitors should have some kind of training with rules and regulations to go by. A copy sent home with every child that rides the bus. In Mesa the monitors I saw were men. Not grandmothers. Of cours that was 19 years ago.


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