Payson Roundup Editor Goodby to Mr. O Brien


John Lemon 4 years, 6 months ago

After several years of heading a school District with multiple problems, Mr. O Brien has left. The Roundup Editor's goodby salutation can only be considered outlandishly over the top ! I wonder what happened to firing people who were loyal, good employees. What happened to $1.2 million overspent when O Brien was directly in charge? What happened to a Middle School class that cost us a couple hundred thousand dollars? What happened with the Board's Bunker Mentality when a good leader would have counseled them or quit? There is more, but I think that the point can be understood. Perhaps we can now see why the Roundup was so "soft" on a number of events and has never responded to some good questions from Mr. Fruth! A sincere "thank you" and positive remarks would have been appropriate but the editorial comment was rediculously syrupy.


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