Troubled students challange teachers


Pat Randall 4 years, 5 months ago

Maybe all the students that are in the PARC class shouldn't be there, but the school wants that money and the kids are resentful because they know they shouldn't be there. I don't think there is anyone that has the ability to establish and maintain relationships with everyone they meet. There are people that I dislike from the moment I meet them and my reactions can be extreme, but I don't think that makes me different than a lot of other people. I stay away from them or ignore them if I have to be somewhere around them. Others become very good friends. Should I have been in a special class? I don't think so. From the article in the paper, "The state mandates the district have at least eight students that qualify for the program before it provides funding." Sounds like an extra income for the school that really isn't helping anyone. How much funding does the school district receive and is it audited? How many students are in the PARC class? Who decides which students belong there? I know I have asked some of these questions before but seems no one wants to answer. Maybe I should get it on the agenda of a school board meeting.


Dan Haapala 4 years, 5 months ago

Some time ago I suggested that the US Department of Education should go away. There are a lot of people here in Rim Country who don't agree. Many are my friends.

My problem is that I see an inherent problem in the Federal Government being in control of the learning process for our children and the potential for indocrination which could steal our very freedom away.

The Hitler Youth of 1939 were so indoctrinated in the philosphy of the Third Reicht that they nearly came to control the world. They had the children totally involved because that is what they were taught.

Fast forward to the 80's . When Iraq and Iran went to war (8 years of conflict) The world stood back and watched. Near the end the Iraquis sent unarmed children into the fire of the enemy lines and results were predictable. MY point is this. When the Government controls what children learn, the influence must be questioned. Look at any nation controlled and you will see an underlying movement to be free.


Pat Randall 4 years, 5 months ago

I think there should be a school letter that goes out at least every two months to answer some of the questions that are asked to let the public know what is going on at the schools. Everyone pays school tax but we can't all get to a school board meeting, and the questions wouldn't be answered any way if not on the agenda. Or they would say they have to research it. That shouldn't take long if thier paper work is done right. It could be printed in the newspaper. About the only thing I read about the schools is sports. How about the jungle gym or whatever? Haven't seen a soul using it. Strange as much money and time that was spent on it. Does the school have to have a release from parents for thier child to use it? Is there some kind of school insurance that will pay for injuries that occur while using it?

I think a list of the bids should be printed for the public when the schools have contracts on work done and the contractor that gets the job.

Our money, our business.


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