ASU again


Pat Randall 4 years, 3 months ago

I am so tired of all the BS about ASU. How long ago was it announced by the mayor ASU was coming to town? Classes in 2012 then 2015, don't know the latest date. There were people that were donating all the money, the land was ready, all was a go. It wasn't going to cost the tax payers in Payson anything. Now it seems by what I read the town is going to be in control. Cold day in H---. So far all we have is a bunch of committees, no land, except privately owned land in a differant place. No environmental assessement on the Forest land, no signed papers, nothing but a bunch of pictures with the mayor holding out his hand. No signed papers with ASU.
I believe ASU is now having classes in Lake Havasu City. People that know what they are doing get their ducks in a row before shooting off thier mouth.

If I am wrong in my opinion or what I think I have read in the paper, PLEASE correct me. I doubt it will be built by the time my great grandkids in the second grade will be able to attend ASU in Payson.


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