Public School Board Secrets Again, why?


don evans 3 years, 10 months ago

So let me get this correct. The Frontier Elem. School was funded and built with Tax Payer monies. Yet the publicly elected school board says they do not not have to tell taxpayers who, what or how much was being offered on the proposed purchase/lease of the school facility? That does not pass the smell test in my opinion. That is not my definition of being transparent....... If they want to keep it, that's fine. But, the cloak and dagger routine with a public owned asset (school) portends skulldugery and creates suspicion of school board activities.


Pat Randall 3 years, 10 months ago

Don, You are old enough to be retired, haven't you learned anything in all these years? Have an election for anything and the secrets start.

What do you think of the trip to Costa Rica taking the money from Credit for kids? I am glad I forgot to get my check in. I always want mine to go to the FFA and it helps the kids here in Payson. What is wrong with the kids gathering shoes etc. for all the homeless kids here in Payson?Might not get thier picture in the paper? If thier parents want them to travel to a forgien country let them pay for it not the rest of the people who gave money to credit for kids. Who pays for the chaparones and the teacher?


Robbin Flowers 3 years, 9 months ago

To whom it may concern and the secret Lawyer involved in the sale of Frontier Elementary School:

Per the Arizona Legislature

Arizona Constitution

The consideration for the sale of Frontier Elementary School is a Breach of Trust at this time, because you cannot consider selling this land prior to an independent appraisal.

ARLICLE 10 Unauthorized disposition of land or proceeds as breach of trust

Section 2. Disposition of any of said lands, or of any money or thing of value directly or indirectly derived therefrom, for any object other than that for which such particular lands (or the lands from which such money or thing of value shall have been derived) were granted or confirmed, or in any manner contrary to the provisions of the said Enabling Act, shall be deemed a breach of trust.

ARLICLE 10 Sale or other disposal; appraisal; minimum price; credit; passing of title

Section 4. All lands, lease-holds, timber, and other products of land, before being offered, shall be appraised at their true value, and no sale or other disposal thereof shall be made for a consideration less than the value so ascertained, nor in any case less than the minimum price hereinafter fixed, nor upon credit unless accompanied by ample security, and the legal title shall not be deemed to have passed until the consideration shall have been paid.


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