School Bus driver education


Pat Randall 3 years, 7 months ago

Mr. Huff, Evidently you don't get out much or you would know some of the bus drivers and van drivers really need training. I was passed by one of the vans doing 85MPH on the highway. Yes it was loaded with kids, two standing up scuffling in the aisle. The buses drive out in front of you coming out of the high school parking lot without stopping. They do not have the right of way. One was parking in a church parking lot and letting small children out to fend for themselves crossing the street while he sat and watched back from the street with no lights flashing or anything. They should all go thru some kind of training and have a CDL license. Whoever figures out the bus routes should go out and drive them and see where kids are being let out of the buses. Don't sit in an office and draw lines on a map when you can't see the terrain of the road.


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