Bailing out of a Department of Justice requirement


Dan Haapala 6 years ago

Special District Boards, Fire, Water, etc. have been noticed to attend a meeting at the Gila County Supervisors office on Hwy 260 at 6pm on Tuesday 12/7/10. I serve as chairman of the East Verde Park Fire District Board and I was not noticed of this meeting. One of our newly appointed, but not yet sworn in members was.

As I understand it, the Fed D.O.J. just renewed a requirement that all special district elections have a requirement that Gila County says we shouldn't have to meet. The Requirement came about because someone cheated in an election, but Gila County says it wasn't us and there has never been a complaint. I challenge that , in fact I did challenge that in 2004 but it got thrown out because it turns out Sunday is a business day. Who knew. What I'm concerned about is the fact that 2011 is a redistricting year, meaning we have to review and make sure that that all political districts in the County are fairly distributed based on the recent 2010 Census. I hope this is not an attempt to circumvent that process or interfere with the peoples right to vote.

Special district boards have been invited, have you? The open meeting law says you should have been.


Dan Haapala 5 years, 12 months ago

The meeting has come and gone. This morning the Gila County Board of Supervisors discussed the issue in a work study. I will have to wait to see what developed from that discussion. This evening the meeting came and went but I wasn't able to attend, I had to work. If anyone has knowledge of this issue that could bring me up to speed I would be very appreciative.

I guess my main concern is this, The county claims that following this Department of Justice mandate makes elections more expensive. Can you think of anything that requires spending tax payer dollars that could possibly be more important then the peoples right to vote? Let's see, pothole or ballot? duh...ballot. Making all voting districts fair or tipped to one party or the other... duh. fair. There is a power base in this county that is finally starting to lose power. It's about time. There are issues of taxes, services, wants and needs that have to be addressed, and if this issue is involved, than we need more information about it decimanated county wide.


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