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Pat Randall 4 years, 4 months ago

I was out there tonight and all of the parking area and roads have been bladed again. Large boulders have been hauled in for some reason. Why is so much time, equipment and employess used there when the money needs to be used other places in town? Is there some kind of secret deal going on to get it all cleared of trees and ready to be turned over to some corporation?

Read in the paper tonight something about a company going to cover the arena with solar panels, but the town doesn't know who would own the structures including a conference center and catering kitchen. It is the bleachers that need the cover not the arena.

What a slap in the face to our local Indian Tribe who would have done this long ago just to put thier name on it.


don evans 4 years, 4 months ago

Pat, It wouldn't be a surprise to learn that the same company that installed the solar array at Payson High school might be the company being considered for the Event Center. You know the company with the ex AZ school teachers on the payroll for promoting school projects such as ours. (Kennedy Partners) OR, maybe the huge Chinese Solar Company Ying Li Solar. They built and provided all the solar panels used at our school and others in AZ. I also wonder if this Chinese Company is the one being woo'd (no pun intended) by the town that might build a plant here? HMmmmmmm This could be fun watching if the puzzle pieces connect and the whole picture appears.


Pat Randall 4 years, 3 months ago

Don, Did you see in last nights paper where school buses have already hit the steel girders holding up the solar panels?


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