Early voting request form


Pat Randall 4 years, 6 months ago

I am sure most of you received your request form for early voting and a new voter registration card. Yeah right! I am going to put my signature on a postcard with my birthdate when they already have the rest of my information on it. Both have an ID number.
What is secret? Ballots are numbered and can be matched. Aren't our votes supposed to be secret? The only secret I see on this folder that was sent to me is the second language
I can't read. My feeling is, if you can't read English then you shouldn't be allowed to vote. I am sure the ballots in Mexico are not printed in two languages. I don't think we should have mail in votes either. If you can't read English and get up off you rear to go vote then you shouldn't be allowed to vote. How do you show ID with a mail in ballot? Why do you have to sign the outside of the envelope that has the ballot in it? No wonder we have the people in office that are there.


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