Attorney Disbarred


Pat Randall 4 years, 4 months ago

To bad there wasn't enough space to tell the good things Mr. Green did while being an attorney in Payson. No mention of the cases he won for clients or the ones he did for no pay.

What we need is someway to get rid of the Gila county judges. Finally we are getting rid of the county attorney.


don evans 4 years, 4 months ago

Pat, good luck on your efforts posted above. My experience with a large number of Judges, but not all, is this. They are part of a very closed fratenity if you will. They look you in the eye and say they are totally non political and non biased in their duty performance. Total BS on their part. They are Attorney's first. They socially network with each other and the attorney's that appear before them on occasion. The average citizen never gets to see this and end up buying their official line of how much integrity and non biased opinions the judiciary has. Bunk... They put their pants and skirts on just like the rest of us. Some are caught not wearing any under that black robe they wear! Ego's and self importance are a high priority with many. And they are very political, they just operate more covertly behind the scenes. They politic for higher court appointments from politicians who have the authority to appoint. Again, not all, but far way to many. Only way to unload them is to vote em out. And the AZ Supreme Court (also appointee's) don't like to discipline other lesser Judges as they are all part of the same fraternal click. That is why you rarely hear of a Municipal or Superior Court Judge being sanctioned publicly. Not good for the facade image of the entire judicial system.


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