March Madness


Jane Wilcox 7 years ago

If anyone is totally into Bracketology, and NC2A Tournament time PLEASE respond. I desperately need basketball minded individuals that love college basketball to interact with! Selection Sunday is coming and I just can't believe I'm the only one that may care or be excited about it!

Rock Chalk, Jane


Susan Grubbs 7 years ago

Jane, you know that I'm interested; but, I usually don't fill out the brackets. I always pick my Jayhawks to win it all. I do watch on Selection Sunday, though. This year, my husband is really hoping that KSU gets a bid. By rights, the Big 12 should have Kansas, Texas, Baylor, A&M, Oklahoma, and KSU - the top 6 teams in the Big 12. KSU is the only one, of these 6 teams, that hasn't won 20 games to date.

The Big 12 conference has an RPI of 2, which should count for a lot. It probably won't, as those who pick the field tend to favor teams on either coast or in the south.

Now let's see if there is anyone else who's interested. It may end up being just the two of us. if so, we can email about it.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk


Jane Wilcox 7 years ago

Susan, do you remember in 1988 - the "Big 8" final between Kansas & Oklahoma? That was SWEEEET. :-)

I am also pulling for K-State to make an appearance. (Loved the revenge game, however, that the Jayhawks handed to them).

Ok, here's hoping you and I aren't the only March Madness fans in Rim Country!


Susan Grubbs 6 years, 12 months ago

You bet I remember '88!

Just heard Roy Williams on ESPN radio. I don't remember the exact subject, but I believe they were talking about schools with long, rich history in college basketball. He didn't even mention Kansas. Kansas, where he coached for 15 years. Kansas, which has had something like 5 coaches in the past 100 years. Naismith - the founder of basketball. Dean Smith played there. Wilt Chamberlin. How could he fail to mention Kansas?? Sure wish he knew that I am so over him.

One of my brothers was so bothered by Roy's leaving, and disliked Bill Self so much, that he stopped watching KU basketball altogether. By the next year he had stopped watching any college basketball. Finally, this year, he has finally started watching KU again. I doubt that what I said was the reason, but I did tell him that he was missing a heck of a team.

My husband and his family are all huge KSU fans. Actually, one brother has always been a KU fan and KU grad. Over the 29 years of our marriage, we've managed to set the rivalry between the two schools aside. We each cheer for any Kansas team, over all others, and especially for each other's team - until "we" play each other. He didn't gloat when KSU won this year, so I didn't gloat when KU won. He knew, I'm sure, that inside I was cheering the win loudly.

One would think that there are other college basketball fans around here. (ASU has had a good year.) Granted, they're probably Pac 10 fans, but that shouldn't stop them from joining in on the fun.

Don't forget tomorrow's game against A&M on CBS. I hate the CBS coverage of basketball, but we're stuck with them through the big dance.


Jane Wilcox 6 years, 12 months ago

Oh, Susan, please - don't get me started on "I can get you to the dance but we won't win a championship so I'll take my coaching to NC Roy". UCK. My DREAM DANCE is UNC v KU with KU OBVIOUSLY winning and a huge sign that says, 'WE DID IT WITHOUT YOU ROY BOY". Ya, we're ALL still left with a bad taste about him. How DARE he not mention Kansas! Gerrr.

My hubby was a KSU grad. When we got married, my father warned me about "mixed marriages". LOL! I miss them both so much. Especially this time of year.

Ok, Any basketball fans out there? Susan & Jane give a shout-out!


Jane Wilcox 6 years, 11 months ago

Ok, Susan - we're the only ones that care that DUKE LOST to West VA, and that Uconn, power house that they usually are was upset in the first round..... sigh .... it's fun to talk about it, but obviously no one else thinks so :-(

Rock Chalk, Jayhawk! Little trivia: Teddy Roosevelt proclaimed "Rock Chalk, Jayhawk" as the "greatest college cheer of all time". The cheer actually originated on a train, as the Jayhawks were traveling through the limestone hillsides! Thus, "Rock Chalk" and it rhymed with Jayhawk :-)


Jane Wilcox 6 years, 11 months ago

Hey, Susan - HISTORY!!! All four seeds are now in the final four! Yippie!!!! Here we come North Carolina to take on Roy's Boys and for revenge!



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