Susan Grubbs 8 years, 5 months ago

Did you see the opening ceremonies the other night? We didn't see the entire thing, as we watched the D'backs - until it was too painful to watch anymore! - but what we saw was really quite impressive.

Loved it last night when the USA team beat the French team in the 400m freestyle. French team had said they were going to "smash the Americans." It was great!

There's lots of talk about whether or not the Chinese women's gymnastics team members are really 16. They were very good, but 16? I'm not so sure.


Susan Grubbs 8 years, 5 months ago

Dean, the children's faces is one of the parts we missed. We were impressed with the Tai Chi (?) - hundreds of performers, perfect lines and in perfect synchronization. The globe was certainly impressive. I agree that it was the most beautiful and most creative ever.

Did you see the men's gymnastics team competition last night? My husband and I thought that Team USA was better than their scores reflected on the high bar, especially. That said, they did a great job!

It's been really exciting watching all of the swimming. Michael Phelps is an amazing athlete.

Have you heard whether or not the men's volleyball coach is going to be back? I would certainly understand if he doesn't. Can't imagine how the family is feeling.

Did you see the Chinese Olympics volunteers searching for, and finding, the wedding ring of one of the US women's beach volleyball team? I was impressed with the time and effort taken. Kudos to the Chinese for a wonderful Olympics so far!


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