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Roger Wholly 9 years, 11 months ago

What happened to the girls team? I read in Fridays paper the the boys and girls both finished 1st from a coin toss! Then, today reading a valley paper, which is where I am now, that the boys play! But, the Payson girls where not mentioned. How did they get dropped before first round of play?? Does Dave B.know why? How does the town feel about a principal that is in control,let this great group of girls get the biggest let down in their early life feel? Is this the direction that sports wants to go?


Tim Ehrhardt 9 years, 11 months ago

As the front of details, the AIA is up to its old tricks again. Having attended high school in this state, I can attest to how incompetent that bunch of bureaucrats is.

Why the Cosay thing wasn't figured out early in the year is beyond me. They did a huge disservice to a bunch of gals who worked plenty hard regardless of their teammates situation. I can't help but wonder if someone from a rival school with something to gain called this in. It just smells to me.

I know the answer to this, but I must pose it anyways. How in the heck does the AIA pull this, while allowing a player to transfer from Payson High School to Blue Ridge in the middle of football season, after being kicked off the team? Then that same player, playing against Payson. This is the AIA folks. (And yes, the parents of that person should never have allowed the transfer, but the AIA could've backed one of their coaches up too.)

A little story here on transfers. I was at Corona del Sol in 1996 when our boys basketball team played in a classic matchup in the state title game against Shadow Mountain. Two of the top players in the country participated in that game: Mike Bibby of Shadow Mountain, and Lamont Long of my school. And believe me, Lamont was every bit the player as Bibby then, but just missed the NBA coming out of college. Shadow Mountain blew us out, but it wasn't because of Bibby. We all knew that it was because they had brought in a TON of transfers. We're not talking one folks, we're talking multiples.

I don't know the specifics on Cosay. Frankly though, I'd like to see them handle this at such a late point in the season just the way the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee handles an injury - put them in the tournament (because they did qualify), but as penalty re-adjust the seeding based on where you think they'd fall without the player. At least that way the gals would have a chance.

I hate bureaucracy like this and decisions that if they were going to be made, should've been made earlier. It's like a teacher failing to catch mistakes on a student's test, then looking over their shoulder, realizing what they had done, and taking the test back and giving them a lower grade. I never had a teacher do that and the AIA shouldn't be doing that to these gals. I'm sure they'd argue about all the others "being wronged" but I just have a hard time seeing that way.


Pat Randall 9 years, 11 months ago

Discrimination, boys can get away with something girls are punished for.


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