Did the "Tea Party" influence the vote?


Ruby Finney 5 years, 5 months ago

Do you think the Tea Party forced the debt limit debate vote or do you think the dysfunctional government just stumble into a decision because of politics as usual?

Will you keep a closer check on the actions in Washington that you have done before after watching the ridiculous behavior of the people we have elected to make decisions for us and our future?


Dan Haapala 5 years, 4 months ago

Ruby that was a great question and I'm surprised that no one has responded in the last month. The tea party is nothing more than previously uninspired american patriots who weren't involved in the going ons in DC. It wasn't the election of "08 that stirred them up, it was the ramrodding of programs without input that tipped the scale after the election. Mom and dad and grandpa and grandma and uncle and aunt and friends and neighbors said loudly, "STOp THIs MADNESs" but they didn't listen.

There is a group of controlling individuals that would have us believe that radicals have taken over government when in truth, it is the government (we the people) who are trying to take back the land of the free. The attack machine will be in full force over the next 18-24 months trying to spin their lies. Telling us that we want a bigger and greedier government. That we want to kill private enterprise so that government can provide us with comfort and joy. That we should apologize for defending ourselves and for responding to the requests of those in this world who also hunger to be free. Ruby I'm watching Government and I won't let them shrink from their duty and responsibilty and if they do, they are gone.


Dan Varnes 5 years, 4 months ago

QUOTE: "Nobody supports “killing” private enterprise. I repeat no one!"

You're wrong. Communists/Marxists certainly do, and we certainly have Communist/Marxists living among us, but they know that to publicly proclaim it is generally political suicide. Watch their ACTIONS.

communism: 1) A form of socialism that abolishes private ownership 2) A political theory favoring collectivism in a classless society

By his past associations, his appointments to office and the policies that he's pushed on America so far, Barrack Hussein Obama falls into the category of Marxist/Socialist.

My personal definition of a Communist? A Socialist in a hurry.


Dan Varnes 5 years, 4 months ago

Do you think there are none? Would you bet any money on it?

When I said there are "Communist/Marxists living among us," I was referring to this nation that we live in. If I was looking for true, card carrying Marxist/Communists, the long-time members of the ACLU would likely be a good start. That would be as easy as finding rats at the city dump.

Now, you, "Papa Jones" said this: QUOTE: “Nobody supports “killing” private enterprise. I repeat no one!”

I've pointed out that some do. Do you care to retract your statement?


Dan Haapala 5 years, 4 months ago

Here are the talking points that the liberal socialist agenda will use every chance they get for the next 18 to 24 months: " The radical tea party extremists..." " Republicans want to turn back the clock..." " The tea party extremists are racists who want to see blacks strung up..." " Obama hasn't been given a chance to turn the Bush problem around..." " Government investment in .....(pick one, green, infrastructure, unemployment benefits) will result in turning this economy around..." The left wil be throwing out every devisive and derogatory name that comes to mind and use every point written in their talking point pamphlets to twist the truth about the current agenda.... ...because they know whats best for us. The little people, the folks, the middle class, the minorities, the oppressed, the victims of a cruel and unjust society that needs mommy government to help. If you doubt me start listening to the news, any news because it will be on them all.


Rex Hinshaw 5 years, 4 months ago

Dan, Also watch out for the phrase " your Federal family " to be used by the liberals instead of " your Government ".


Ruby Finney 5 years, 4 months ago

Thanks for opening a discussion on this question since I am really interested in your replies. Just one problem, not one of you has answered the question : "Did the Tea Party influence the debate on the national debt limit ?

Apparently this loosely formed political action group doesn't have an elected leader, but most support our constitution as written by some pretty savvy folks and insist that the people who are elected to congress should pay attention to it or go home.

Papa Bear, I can't find any reference to a muslim anywhere in Dan V's answer, so I wish you would just stick to the Tea Party .

I personally hope the Tea Party movement is here to stay and will continue to elect people who are eager to get our country back on a sound financial footing ,


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