Air & Water Show


Paul Woods 5 years, 5 months ago

On our way downtown to take a look at the air & water show. The largest, free show of it's kind in the U.S. Generally a very exciting time, and quite loud because of all the military aircraft present. Really quite spectacular and I'm going to miss it. It usually lasts 4 to 5 hours with all the individual programs put on. Those interested can see a preview at http//


Kim Chittick 5 years, 5 months ago

Paul, I have seen video and still pictures of the Chicago Air and Water show and it is indeed spectacular. However, I must say that God and Mother Nature provide a pretty spectacular air and water show here in the Rim Country in the form of our seasonal monsoons. Crashing thunder, flashing lightning, and rainfall that ranges from rivalling Niagara Falls to the soft steady downpour of a rainforest. It is truly a breathtaking experience. Hope you enjoy your air and water show!!!


Paul Woods 5 years, 4 months ago

Kim, yes the show was exciting, especially watching the T-birds fly, the re-fueling plane-KC135 the cargo airplane-C17 and on & on. The civilian/private aircraft shows were terrific also. If you've never witnessed it in person it's so hard to get the “flavor” of it.

I have been out there to AZ for 1 or 2 exciting moments of the weather shows and yes they are spectacular also. But we get everything back here also save the huge dust storms. Back here they're called tornadoes, of which we've had many this year. But as I hope to be out of here this year and moved to the valley, I will miss the Air/water show, The Bears (although there's that other former Chicago team The Cardinals there) and of course those perennial losers The Cubs so there will be some distractions out there for me to enjoy.

And I did enjoy the show, but it was a “bear” getting out of the downtown area to get home.


Kim Chittick 5 years, 4 months ago

I'll bet! I have never been to Chicago, but my son goes for the annual St. Patty's day party and says that traffic is so ridiculous that he just taxi's his way around. I have to agree with you about the magnificent planes. I am envious of you for getting to see this show. I never tire of seeing planes in action. As for sports...well, I am not very well versed in all of the teams and the comings and goings, and been theres and what nots, however, I do love live sports of any type and I can tell you that the Diamondbacks field, Chase Field, I think it is now, is a very cool place to see an event. It can be covered and is air conditioned, so going to a game in the middle of summer is not a killer prospect. And, we do have some wonderful air shows here in Airizona. Luke Air Force base puts on a show. I believe that Davis Monthan in Tucson puts one on as well. And many of the smaller local airports present nice little shows. Furthermore, if you have a real craving for a "big time" air show, San Diego is just a few hours from the valley and they have a magnificent air show over the bay! I hope that you are able to make your move here to the valley; and that you can visit us here in the Rim Country.


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