What we do?


Paul Woods 4 years, 2 months ago

Oh what will we do now that we’ll be given control of our TVs & phones back. The election being only 2 days away we’ll have our time taken up for only a short while. It’s such a shame that we won’t be seeing any more tv ads telling us how “progressive” a particular candidate is. They’re almost always a democrat touting that line, which invariably means we’re going to have it stuck to us some more. And then there’s the other bunch telling us how bad their opponents are & how they’ve managed to get into our pockets & empty them. The sad truth is both parties have done that. BOHICA!

I question what ever happened to honesty & integrity? I guess they’re words & meanings that no longer apply to our lives! Why should they when a party can follow the precepts of Joseph Goebbels (as our present administration in DC does) & keep telling the same story over again & again until people start believing it. And then ask the voting public to give them the opportunity to do it for 4 more years. I guess it’s felt that people don’t have the ability to discern what is really happening to us & our way of life. The sad truth is that it seems to be true, witness IL, CA, NV and other states.

So now that we’ll have fewer political ads on the TV maybe we’ll be able to see more obfuscations and stories about how good a particular pharmaceutical is for us or something about a new (or old) toothpaste. And now we’ll have the chance to sit down & eat a meal without it being interrupted by some candidate’s campaign telling us how essential it is that we give everything including the kitchen sink to them in order to save our republic.

I for one will be greatly relieved to get a small part of my life back as long as more restrictions & regulations aren’t placed on it as the present administration is doing & wants to do.


frederick franz 4 years, 2 months ago

"we’ll have fewer political ads on the TV maybe we’ll be able to see more obfuscations" I gave up on live TV a long time ago. I read the news on CNN, PBS, and NPR. Try it for a little while, and see if you don't become less frustrated with the news! For entertainment, I watch DVD movies.


Pat Randall 4 years, 2 months ago

Paul, We may not be seeing vote for me ads, but the politicians are still on TV talking. Also digging for dirt on someone. Top CIA official resigned so now there is going to be a big investigation. He admitted it, handed in his resignation and now "they" are going to investigate.


Paul Woods 4 years, 2 months ago

Dear Pat et al, first I must apologize for the title of this string, it should have been “what will we do” but in my excitement my fingers got out of whack & I hit the post key too soon.

Secondly I have to admit that I'm very disappointed in the vote because I'm quite scared of what I believe the future holds for our country under this question mark we have at 1600.

Thirdly, yes Pat you are correct in what you have said. What strikes me as so disgusting about the Patraeus affair is that congressmen are “investigating” him for doing exactly what they do themselves. The hypocrisy of these governmental members is almost unfathomable.

The frightening aspect of the result of the vote is that we are probably destined to continue our downward plunge towards being an afterword in some one's history book. The continuing gutting of our military both financially & in leadership, the downward trend of our economy, the dumming down of our citizens and the general misdirection of our thoughts while we are being told how wonderful things are strikes me as being somewhat Hitler like.

So I again ask “what will we do”


Ronald Hamric 4 years, 2 months ago

Paul, To answer your question, only for myself, I pray for this nation I love so much. As a strong evangelical, I trust in a Creator God who is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent. I struggle constantly with the weakness of my flesh, as what my heart desires is to do or say nothing that does not honor Him or please Him. It is difficult to sit on the sidelines and watch the prophecies spoken in the Bible unfold before your eyes, and not lift a finger to stop the slide into the abyss. To say this nation has been blessed is , to me, an understatement. How much longer, only He knows. As Americans, we are in uncharted waters.


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