You should be afraid, very afraid!!


don evans 2 years ago

In an effort to continue building a completely government dependent constituency ruled by bureaucrats and for bureaucrats, a bill has been introduced in congress to repeal the presidential term limits amendment to the constitution. This was introduced on January 4, 2013. Here is the link to the congressional legislation web site. The legislative destruction of America as we know it is continuing, perpetuated by all those who believe that Obama has their best interest at heart, those who are looking for a regular supply of government-provided freebies, and all those who did not care enough to vote for the opposition. Please continue to pray for the apathetic and the lazy, that they may wake up before it is too late. God help America.


Pat Randall 2 years ago

I think they should pass a law, resolution or whatever to limit the terms of every one elected to be in Washington. All of congress, the senators the judges and anyone else that was elected. Take away all the retirements, medical ins. and other freebies they get. What other jobs gives you a retirement after working 4 to 8 yrs?


ALLAN SIMS 2 years ago

Quite right Pat. But, unless we pull a rabbit out of the hat, those who we want to limit will vote themselves and Obama lifetime status. For why should they vote him that status, and not themselves?

This is a page right out of Hugo Chevez's book he gave Obama a few years ago. And, he successfully did that there, if you remember. Fortunately for Venezuela, that may not be long, in his case.

But, what about ours?


Dan Haapala 1 year, 12 months ago

Does anyone remember Honduras? Where the President tried to present a bill that would repeal his term limit? The problem was that their Constitution prohibited a president from doing that and the Supreme Court of Honduras found him in Violation of the constitution and had the Army throw him out of the country. There was not a lot of news about it until.......U.S, Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barrack Hussein Obama sided with the ousted President saying they shouldn't have done that. That is when I predicted the current President ( I supposed Obama) would try to do the same thing if he was elected to a second term. In fact I believe it should be in these very archives. And hers's the rub. If in 2014 the Democrats retake the House and hold the Senate...They will try to take total control....electorate be damned. Just another prediction.


Dan Haapala 1 year, 12 months ago

In reference to Pat's idea, we used to have that or at least what the founders believed would be a limit to the power of the Senate. Members of the House of Representatives would be determined by the population of the States, but the Senate was to be under the control of the States. Two Senators from each state were to be selected and voted on by....."the legislature of the State" The idea being that as state's attitudes or local elections dictated, the two people representing them in Washington could be changed.

But in the early part of the last century ( mid 20s I think) an ammendment to the Constitution was proposed, The 17th Ammendment which told the public that majority rules should elect Senators not nasty politicians and the progressive's took hold and got it passed by the states and became law. Since then, Senators have been elected and held office almost without question until they were ready to retire and then with a full lifetime pension thanks to the taxpayers.

Pat if you want your government backl, repeal the 17th ammendment and give power back to the states where it belongs.


Pat Randall 1 year, 12 months ago

Dan, If I could be ruler for a day I would fix things. (:


Robert Jones 1 year, 12 months ago

"repeal the 17th ammendment and give power back to the states where it belongs."

Mr. Haapala and I are in total agreement on this one!!!

Except for the spelling of amendment :-)

This was (IMO) the biggest mistake made in the "altering" of our nation's Laws. Followed closely by the prohibition amendment, BUT that one was repealed!

This (the 17th) NEEDS the same fate!!



Pat Randall 1 year, 11 months ago

Lets start by going back to the Ten Commandments and go from there.


Robert Jones 1 year, 11 months ago

Mrs. Randall,

You have your "A" game on today!!

More good advice. Those 10 would be a wonderful starting place.

You have a nice day also!!



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