Horse meat to be exported to eat.


Pat Randall 3 years, 3 months ago

New Mexico has received ok to slaughter and export horse meat to China, Japan and other countries. But it can not be sold for food in the US. Why not, because a group of people say horses are raised as pets or work horses. What is the difference in eating them here or sending them thousands of miles away to be eaten? Think of the starving people here that might be fed. Horses are like cattle, hogs, chickens or other animals we eat. An animal is an animal. People raise pigs for pets and think nothing of eating javalinas or pork chops from the store. People that claim to be vegetarians are not fooling anyone if they eat eggs. Eggs are unhatched chickens. I had a steer I raised from a tiny calf that grew up to be a really big animal that ate popcicles out of my hand, but he was still eaten by someone. Not me, but I made enough selling him to buy a lot of other things to eat. There are many wild horses here in Ariz. that should be slaughtered as they are no ones pets and some are out there starving.


Paul Woods 3 years, 2 months ago

Hear, hear Pat. It's so nice to see someone using common sense in their daily life. For myself, I couldn't eat horsemeat or dear meat. At each bite I would be thinking of Hiyo Silver or Bambi. Other than those two, I totally agree with you.


frederick franz 3 years, 2 months ago

I've never eaten horse meat. I wonder if it tastes much the same as beef? I've had deer and elk meat. No problem with it. It seems like the cost of the horse meat would be quite low, insomuch as there is no cost in feeding and watering. I agree, lets make horse meat available in our markets.


Pat Randall 3 years, 2 months ago

During World War II horsemeat was served here in America. Surprised. How often have you gone into a restaurant or fast food and there is a sign telling you what kind of meat you are eating? The only meat I know of is when Angus beef is advertised or some specialty like buffalo. Even tho it says Angus beef, it is a grade not always the breed when served in restaurants. Bet you didn't know that either. When we had the restaurant in Punkin Center one of the old ranchers came into eat. Saw where it said we served only Angus and he asked me if we were serving it with the black hair on it. One of the few times I have been speechless.


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