Firefighters from Prescott die battling blaze


Pam Mason 3 years, 6 months ago

This is so very sad and such a tragedy! Newspaper says 19 have died. Our thoughts and hearts go out to all of their families and friends. Firefighters truly put their lives at risk for us every single day we are forever in their debt. May God watch over their families during this terrible time.


Pat Randall 3 years, 6 months ago

The same thing could very well happen here in Payson. As I drive around town I see all the trees, brush, dead grass and garbage and it really worries me. I think the town should pass an ordinance that lots have to be cleaned and some of the trees and brush cleared for the safety of the residents here. When we first moved back to Payson in 1993 I told the RE agent, I don't want to be in the trees. I have moved three times and none of our houses have had a lot of trees around them. Of course I am not safe as long as there are people that won't clear out some of thier trees. Once a forest fire gets going it doesn't take long to jump a long ways and it only takes one spark.
I heard a lady at a meeting say, "well I'm not clearing anything off my land, I have lived there 20 years and there hasn't been a fire.." She was more concerned with loose or barking dogs. Drive up McLane for one street and look at how thick the trees and brush is growing.


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