Crooked Pols


Paul Woods 3 years, 5 months ago

Here we go again, another politician caught (how many haven’t been caught) and sentenced to jail time. Illinois is fast becoming known as The Jail Bird State. Governors, U S Congressmen, city of Chicago alderpersons and I’m sure somewhere along the line Cook County elected and unelected officials have been prosecuted and found guilty of theft or some other type of wrongdoing. Just why is it that the electorate of Illinois choose people of such low character to represent them? Or is it that politicians as a general rule are the type who believe that because they won an election they have the right to do everything they can to enhance their personal wealth & lifestyle at my expense? I thought they were chosen to represent me, not grab everything they could for themselves.

As things are going back here in Illinois I really think a very large fence should be erected around the borders of the state and just make it into a jail. But not before I can get away from it.


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