Another War


Paul Woods 3 years, 4 months ago

It seems that our so called leaders in DC are hell-bent on getting us involved in another ill-advised foreign adventure just like Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan. And it appears that something less than the truth is involved.

President Obama has disgraced his Nobel Peace Prize in his quest to out-war George Bush by attacking another Mid-east country. Syrians are killing Syrians. So, we need to kill more Syrians to make sure Syrians don’t kill Syrians? If you understand that, you belong under the same butterfly net as our war-mongering leaders. John McCain wants war because hearings provide him a chance to catch up on his I-Pod poker!

In Syria, we have a bad guy and worse guys, so why get involved? We never became involved in Rwanda when 700,000 Hutu’s and Tutsi’s slaughtered one another, so why Syria? We refused to support our own American troops who cried for help in Benghazi, but we’ll fight Syrians? The entire world thinks we are crazy and the UN refuses to support this insanity.

Turns out the Senators who voted for war received 83 percent more contributions from defense contractors than those who voted against the war. John Kerry even suggested the emirs, princes and royal families of Saudi Arabia, et. al. were willing to help pay for us to fight their war against Syria. All we need to supply is the blood of our young men and women! Russia is warning us to keep hands off of their ally. China is sending ships to the area, and President Obama and Sen. McCain insist on helping the flesh-eating Syrian rebels. Bet they never showed you the video of the rebel who tore out the heart and liver of a Syrian soldier for dinner. Good night!

Forget the phony merits of this war, the American people know better. We need Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents, to unite. We must challenge officials who sell their souls for dirty lucre, in exchange for the blood of our families. Let’s insure those Republicans and Democrats, who vote for war, never return to office. It’s up to the American people to be the grown ups. Our republic is in need of economic healing, not never-ending wars! Please put homemade signs in your homes and vehicles and call your leaders. Send Obama, Kerry and McCain to Syria! Get out and demonstrate. We must stop this insanity NOW.


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