Lakes closed.


Pat Randall 1 year, 11 months ago

I called a friend of mine a few minutes ago that lives in Payson. She was very upset as she is at Lee's Ferry and can't get into anywhere. Govt. has it closed.
The govt. is really looking for trouble when they close off all the lakes. Fishermen and skiers can be mean. (: You can go to Roosevelt Marina and rent a boat from them but can't launch your own boat at any of the ramps as they are closed off. I don't understand why they closed them off as there is a fee to park, even if you don't go into the water. Water in Roosevelt Lake belongs to SRP. not the govt. Lake Pleasant is open and already over crowed today and not the weekend yet. I can see a lot of accidents there before this is over.


Rex Hinshaw 1 year, 11 months ago

Pat, You can thank Pres. Obama and his socialist administration. As much as the main stream media would like you to is not the Republicans fault. He wanted this....he thinks it will help them win more seats in the 2014 election. They have closed national monuments that required NO personal. This is an excellent example of why the Federal gov. should not own as much land in Arizona as they do.


Pat Randall 1 year, 10 months ago

Rex, The way they charge at Roosevelt is a real racket. I had two wave runners on one trailer and they charged me for both of them, plus a fee for my tow vehicle. $15.00 The parking fee was supposed to be for cars and trailers not boats. So I should have had to pay 10.00.


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