Payson Roundup Media Kit 2015

Payson Roundup Media Kit 2015

Payson Roundup Marketing Kit 2014-06

Payson Roundup Marketing Kit 2014-06

Answer to complaint

Shawn Fuller's answer to the complaint.

Complaint against Shawn Fuller

The complaint filed against Shawn Fuller, chief deputy county attorney.

Star Night Event Tonto Natural Bridge

Tonto Natural Bridge State Park April 5, 2014 Star Night Event Flyer

Payson Roundup Media Kit 2014-01

Payson Roundup Media Kit Rates Effective January 1, 2014

Holiday Lighting Contest Map 2013

House Lighting Contest Map 2013

Lewis Memos

Police memos

Cahill Order

Cahill Order Vacating Judgment and Convictions

Payson Roundup 2013 Marketing Kit

Payson Roundup 2013 Marketing Kit


Front page

Forest Lakes ATV closure notice

Motor vehicle restrictions- Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest

All the world lies hidden in the murmur of the river

story by Pete Aleshire, photos by Tom Brossart

Election Table

Results from Nov. 2, 2010 voting for State, Local and District electioins.

Re-entry handout

Information includes guidelines on smoke-related health issues, utilities (UniSource, APS, Doney Park Water, phone), transportation assistance, special needs, mail delivery/pick up, livestock/pets, and other information related to the Schultz Fire evacuation.

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