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When antibiotics quit working

Microscopic organisms that cannot be eliminated with usual medications are called Drug Resistant Microbes. We have been hearing about drug resistant bacteria for several years now.

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Don’t get stuck with Medicare late fees

This past holiday season, I found myself in line at the airport counter, waiting to check a bag prior to a flight to visit family and friends. The gentleman in front of me got frustrated when the customer agent said he had to pay more to check a bag because he hadn’t paid for it online beforehand.

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Health care now available from many different providers

Many changes in our health care have led to numerous changes within this system. No longer do we just see a physician. The growing population of the United States, and sicker people, has put a large burden on the medical community.

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Extra Virgin is best — but don’t some always prefer that?

Virgin snow. Pure. White. Untracked. Makes you want to romp. But suppose it turns out to be fake snow — Styrofoam flakes? Would you feel ripped off? Well, get ready to feel swindled about olive oil.

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Transformer, downed lines produce blackout in Rim Country

A weekend fraught with outages that in many areas lasted for nearly a full day started with a switch failing at a substation in the heart of Payson and ended with downed lines in the forest.

Inequality grows

The 100 American CEOs with the largest retirement nest eggs have a total of 4.7 billion in their company retirement accounts. That is roughly equal to the combined retirement savings of the bottom 116 million Americans, or 41 percent of the countries families.

Thanks to Payson Fire

Editor: On behalf of our entire community of East Verde Estates, I would like to express our thanks and appreciation to our Payson Fire Department. The advice, support, and assistance offered by our local fire department have enabled us to achieve and maintain our “Firewise Community” status and helped to protect this gem of a community from the destructive wildfire that we know will come sooner or later.

Let us pray for the President

So here’s our prayer. President Donald Trump has now assumed the awful responsibilities of his office. We pray for his success. We pray for our nation.

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PSWID board faces Milk Ranch well challenge one sip at a time

The Pine-Strawberry Water Improvement District took a tiny sip of the big gulp Milk Ranch Well problem at its meeting on Jan. 19.

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Winter storm knocks power out to thousands

It was a dark and chilly day for many Payson and Rim Country residents coping with a power outage in the midst of a winter storm that in some areas lasted more than 24 hours as crews scrambled to get power restored before another storm hit the area.

Abolishing Obamacare rewards wealthy, punishes working families

Republican plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) threaten the health care of 30 million Americans and would erode some rare progress made recently to reverse America’s growing economic inequality.

Live healthy and cut health care costs

Editor: With the Republican Congress bent on depriving 22 million Americans of medical insurance, this is a great time to provide our own, totally free and totally effective health insurance — a plant-based diet.

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Sheriff's Posse meeting erupts

A volunteer group that supports the Gila County Sheriff’s Office imploded last week when members walked out during a meeting after a dispute among the leaders.

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Vera Eccles son moved to psychiatric institution

Vera Eccles, who suffered a stabbing attack by her son Jeff in September of 2016, reported that he has since been moved to a psychiatric facility in Camp Verde.

Community Almanac Tuesday January 24, 2017

Book Cooks for Preschoolers The Payson Public Library, 328 N. McLane Rd., Payson, is presenting a Book Cooks event for preschoolers, ages 3 to 5, in January.

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Payson High Varsity Sports Schedule

Find out when all the Payson High varsity sports teams are in action by date.

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3A East boys basketball standings

Check out our 3A East boys basketball standings

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3A East girls basketball standings

Check out our 3A East girls basketball standings.

Man sentenced after scuffle with Payson officer

A man was given a year of probation after he reportedly shoved a Payson officer on his back porch after police had gone to check on him.

Governor's budget boosts universities

But could complicate Payson's bid for a campus

Gov. Doug Ducey’s budget plan would provide the state’s three universities with about $37 million annually to cut into a huge maintenance backlog — with $7 million taken from local government.