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Payson mayor candidate Michael Hughes's questionnaire answers

The number one reason is that I care about Payson. When I first ran for council in 2008, it was because the current administration at the time was decidedly "anti growth" and I saw the negative impact it was having on the local economy. My wife and I almost moved. But then I decided that this is my home, my children's home, and my grand children's home so I decided to get involved. Right after I was elected the Great Recession hit and we as the council had to make some very hard decisions in the best interests of the town. There were some very tough years financially but with out of the box solutions to issues and the sacrifices the employees made we have been able to weather the storm better than many others. Now we are in recovery mode. Things are getting better but the job is not finished yet.

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Payson council candidate Janell Sterner's questionnaire answers

I’m a part of this community and want to help make it flourish.

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Payson council candidate Hallie Overman-Jackman's questionnaire answers

I am running for Town Council because I feel I can make a very positive impact on the way our Town operates. I know that I would bring a great deal of experience to the Town Council, through the different Boards, Organization and Commissions that I have held. I bring a great deal of expertise in finance, community development and handling personnel issues to the table.

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Payson council candidate Kim Chittick's questionnaire answers

Because I believe I can make a positive difference in our community.

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Payson council candidate Rick Croy's questionnaire answers

To see that we as a council continue to keep Payson financially solvent. Help promote sound growth and development. Seeking a solution to covering the event center and completion of water delivery from the Cragin Reservoir. Seek and follow the wishes of the majority of Payson voters.

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Payson council candidate Barbara Underwood's questionnaire answers

I am running for Town Council because I love Payson and I want to represent the people. I feel that every citizen should be given a voice in local government.

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Community garden hosts food preservation class

Have bushels of beans? How about pecks of peppers? Tons of tomatoes? Well, the Payson Community Garden has a class for you.

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Payson Council candidates weigh in on Community Facilities Districts

Three Payson Town Council candidates responded to a Roundup request to weigh in on Community Facilities Districts

Man gets 1.75 years for lying to Police about identity

A man who tried to avoid arrest by giving police the wrong name was sentenced to prison earlier this month for criminal impersonation.

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Rim Country Mountain Bike Association partners with trails app

Score another win for Michael Bonnette and the Rim Country Mountain Bike Association — now recognized as the mountain bike club of the Rim Country area on MTB Project’s website and application.

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Goosing Traffic: Rush hour jam – Payson style

Roundup reporter Michele Nelson was rushing her daughter to school when she got stuck in traffic. She honked. The geese honked. Standoff. So she took a photo while she waited at the goose crossing — counting her blessings and enjoying the Payson lifestyle.

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Dog owners ignoring laws about pooches in markets

The man carried his Labrador retriever puppy into the grocery store, found a cart and sat the dog in the space designed to hold toddlers and easily damaged food.

Guevara sentenced on DUI, drug charges

Reynaldo Guevara, 36, will do prison time after convictions for Aggravated DUI and Possession of Marijuana

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Town of Payson award program begins with airport manager, donor

In an effort to recognize town employees who go above and beyond, the Town of Payson has started a Hero of Payson award program.

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Corporation Commission hopefuls defend stance on dark money

Two of the three former Arizona legislators with their hats in the ring for election to the Corporation Commission spoke to the Payson Tea Party Tuesday, Aug. 16.

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Roosevelt Dam Hike

Clouds don't scare hikers away from beautiful views

The sky was overcast and spits of rain could be felt. We had all checked the forecast that morning, like good little hikers, and the lake area was supposed to be dry

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Future small projects may bypass Payson Planning & Zoning

The Town of Payson is making the abandonment process a little easier.

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Clowns, Camels & Cowboys, Payson Rodeo Parade has it all

The annual Rodeo Parade draws folks back home to watch friends and family on floats or horses, in cars or on foot.

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Valley man sentenced for weapons misconduct

A Valley man will spend the next two years in prison for resisting arrest and weapons misconduct.

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Payson crafts rules for community districts

Although the process to pass a Community Facilities District would be as lengthy as Main Street is long, the Payson council Thursday night approved a way for a developer to get funding for improvement work.