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Seven-person rollover on the Beeline Highway

A group of seven people escaped serious injury Sunday night after their vehicle rolled on the Beeline Highway.

Police need help finding thieves that stole $100,000 in tools

The Gila County Sheriff’s Office is looking for the public’s help finding who broke into a construction yard and made off with $101,000 in tools.

Production problems with Milk Ranch Wells

Milk Ranch wells fixes expensive

The production numbers for the three Milk Ranch wells in the Pine-Strawberry Water Improvement District between 2014 and 2016 show radical swings over three years.

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Longhorn boys stun Snowflake, again

Beat Lobos on court after gridiron upset

Denver White hoped the magic Payson performed on the football field translated onto the basketball court.

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Girls basketball vs. Winslow 1-10-17

The Longhorns battled visiting Winslow for three quarters. Unfortunately, the second quarter proved disastrous in a 51-32 loss to the Bulldogs on Jan. 10.

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Ryan Ricke, a standout in all arenas

Watch Ryan Ricke swish a jump shot, drive in for a layup, battle for a rebound or dive for a loose ball and you might think he’s a pretty good basketball player.

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Raffle to Benefit Senior Center in Payson

To celebrate love, Valentine’s Day and its customers, the Senior Center’s Trinkets and Treasures thrift shop will raffle off a Michael DeAngelo wedding dress.

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Five ways to protect your family and home in 2017

Protecting your family and loved ones is one of your most important responsibilities. Many people think about protection in terms of physical acts, such as practicing safe driving, but there are many more aspects of your lifestyle and home that affect your loved ones’ safety.

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Subversive hemp - in Arizona?

So poor, pleasant, hard-working Hemp goes to the store, without his troublesome brother Pot. The storeowner glares at him. The security guards follow him around. Poor Hemp.

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Nodlinski left his mark on PHS

Throngs of family, friends, former students and athletes turned out Jan. 7 at the John Neumann Parish in Yuma to pay tribute to longtime teacher and coach Terry Nodlinski.

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Spider, Varicose veins point to circulation issue

Most people will get spider or varicose veins at some point in their life. They’re unsightly, but more importantly they can be an indicator of a circulation issue.

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Fossil Creek plan comment period extended

The Forest Service has extended the deadline for sounding off on a plan to permanently limit access to Fossil Creek — and clamp down on the places where people can swim in the pristine, travertine stream.

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Four foods that can boost energy

Diet can go a long way toward increasing or lowering energy levels. The following are foods that pack an energetic punch.

Thanks for helping us get our RV unstuck

Thanks for helping us get our RV unstuck My husband and I are in our 70s. We were out on Control Road in our fifth-wheel RV recently when we got into a very tight spot not far from Geronimo Estates.

Fire in My Forest: A 50-year perspective

My first real experience with fire in my woods, the pinelands of New Jersey, was at the age of 12. That year, southern New Jersey experienced “Black Saturday” on April 20, 1963, when wildfires burned 183,000 acres of woodland, with loss of life and property across the landscape.

Let the little buggers fend for themselves

We’re fascinated by some recent research documenting how decades-long droughts and hot spells have affected human beings, going back thousands of years.

Naked man sentenced

A man that drank three bottles of vodka and then threatened to cut a woman’s head off was sentenced to 1.5 years in prison Thursday.

Community Almanac Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Library events The following regularly scheduled events take place at the Payson Public Library, 328 N. McLane Rd.

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History, organics inspire writer

A love of history serves as a foundation for Josephine DeFalco’s fiction. Her work as a nutritionist, health advocate and urban organic farmer are the cornerstones for her cookbooks.

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Ancient humans coped with shifting climate

The climate’s warming. The glaciers are melting. The carbon dioxide’s rising. But if it’s any comfort — human beings have been mucking with the planet’s ecosystem for a very long time.