Stories for December 1998


Thursday, December 31

Misinformation bigger threat than reality of Y2K 'problem'

The much-anticipated moment of the last five years is now 365 days away. No, not the millennium celebration; rather, what the millennium will do to our computers! I would like to pass on some reminders and tips to help you prepare.

Pickup turns woman's trailer into a drive-thru

An elderly woman will be spending some time at local motel following a Tuesday night accident in which a pickup truck crashed through the living room of her trailer in Star Valley.

High school athletes ride the bus bench

During sport seasons, travel plays an overwhelming role in the lives of Payson High School coaches and athletes.

Which way to go on HMO?

Premier has both advantages and drawbacks

In Payson, more than 400 senior citizens have switched in recent weeks from Intergroup to Premier Healthcare of Arizona because they believe the new HMO to be a better deal.

PUSD plans state plea for construction funds

The law, which was designed to distribute repair and construction money equitably to Arizona schools, now prohibits local school districts from holding bond elections to fund building repairs or construction.

Local ads off, CNBC on at channel 6

Subscribers of Cable Vision in Payson will see a new channel added to their basic service line-up: CNBC starts this week on Channel 6.

P-S clinic signs contract with nurse practitioner

After five months with no local medical services, the residents of Pine-Strawberry will once again be able to seek medical care at the community-owned clinic on Hardscrabble Road in Pine.

Tough Horns earn trip to Kayenta

Did the Longhorn boys' basketball team's stunning 70-63 upset of two-time defending state champion Monument Valley in last year's state tournament earn the Horns a profitable

Wrestlers work to fill weight gaps

Very rarely has the tradition-rich Payson Longhorn wrestling team been forced to forfeit weight class matches due to a lack of varsity-caliber athletes.

Crime down, despite what you might think

While television news shows and blaring headlines paint a picture of a society that seems to be becoming more violent and criminal, the opposite is actually the case in the United States.

Monday, December 28

County's jail now up to U.S. standards

Two years of changes within the Gila County jail system has led the county to an agreement of compliance with the federal government over jail operations.

Cutting of fire break a welcome strategy

The U. S. Forest Service has just finished thinning a 300-foot swath behind our home that abuts the national forest. We are very grateful!

What ranchers need for the new year

Here's a "Rancher's New Year Prayer":

Natural talent leads Clark state honors

As a seventh-grade student who knew almost nothing about soccer, Jeremy Clark accompanied a friend to a tryout session for a Rim country team bound for the 1993 Grand Canyon Games.

Vets group steps up to help pair of local teens

A local veterans' group is helping a teen-age brother and sister in Payson who are having to deal with a second tragedy in the last three months.

Lady Horn Martinez rakes in postseason honors

Good news arrived in the mail last week for Payson High School sophomore Rheanna Martinez.

Foster mom made lasting impression

"Aunt June," the letter reads, "I was just sitting here thinking about you and how much you mean to me. I don't think I have ever really thanked you for all you've done for me. You were the one who was there and cared when no one else was.

Local reps need to free us from Maricopa domination

I am concerned about the way the 900 pound gorilla, Maricopa County, imposes its will on the rest of the state. In any issue, either in the Legislature, or in referendums, whatever Maricopa County wants, Maricopa County gets.

A few simple guidelines for the new year

Resolved: We will keep things in perspective. We will ever be mindful that no matter how irritating our neighbors, our jobs even our politicians we are better off than most of the rest of the people in the world.

Gibson's girls named to All-State

In the team's second year of existence, it came as a mild surprise when a trio of Payson High School girls' varsity soccer players Elizabeth Gille, Davi Ann Greiner and Ashley Hollobaugh were named to the prestigious Class 3A-1A All-State team.

Shelby suffers agony of defeat with two losses

Battling in the Holiday Tip-Off Classic Dec. 20-22, in Tucson, Shelby School's boys basketball team experienced it's first losses of the season.

Officers step up enforcement for New Year's Eve

After the clock strikes 12, and the toasts have all been toasted, think twice before heading out to your car.

Thursday, December 24

Santa's helpers distribute food and toys

The season of giving just wrapped up for the men and women who spent countless hours helping out the local toy and food charities.

Gas stations close under government pressure

The only gasoline station in Young, an isolated town 55 miles by road east of Payson, will continue to fill tanks this week despite new federal standards that require the station to close its pumps.

Toppled truck tangles traffic

A tractor-trailer loaded with eggs, tomatoes, sour cream and other food crashed into a guardrail flanking Highway 260 near Kohl's Ranch Wednesday, clogging traffic for nearly 14 hours.

Hardt gets belated honor as coach of the year

Payson High School teacher and coach Chuck Hardt has been belatedly honored as the Class 3A Central Division's 1998 Girls' Track Coach of the Year.

Call for impeachment was right to the point

Congratulations on your publisher's excellent report on the president and impeachment.

Clinton supporters need to be educated

If I make one New Year's resolution, it will be to rededicate myself to the education of the alleged 70 plus percent of the population who "approves of the job Mr. Clinton is doing." Either these people have been asleep for some time or suffer serious disconnects in logic and learning.

Longhorn wrestlers back to winning

Just as Forrest Gump couldn't stop running, the Payson Longhorn wrestling team won't give up its winning ways.

The spirit of the season

The front page of the Roundup always has a Good Guy, and almost always a story about something good happening in the area. That's because a lot of good things happen here, especially during the Christmas season. And those kinds of good and charitable acts build on themselves, no matter where they happen. Proof of that is embodied by the "Secret Santa" of Kansas City. Here's his story:

Deer may be a record

A Coos White Tail deer taken by Troy Goodman on the second day of the recent hunt might be large enough to be included in the prestigious Boone and Crockett record book.

New chamber manager a good selection

Congratulations, Payson, on your selection of Thomas Kaleta as the new chamber of commerce manager. Penny Conway and I recently met with Mr. Kaleta to discuss the REACH Program's (Rodeo Education and Children) latest project, a national children's publication titled "Cowboy's and Kids".

Buy a ticket, win a football, support youth

With the Gila County Sheriff's office purchase of $100 worth of tickets, a benefit raffle to earn funds for Payson High football and the sheriff's youth recognition program is under way.

Monday, December 21

Paintball shooting sends man to hospital

Wally Davis of Payson, who has been blind in his left eye since birth, was nearly blinded in his right eye Monday by a paintball shot from a passing truck.

Linus reminded us ever so well

"And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.

Two wins put wrestlers back on the winning track

After watching an 81-match winning streak end Dec. 12 in Tucson with losses to Salpointe and Sunnyside, the Longhorn wrestling team jumped back to winning ways three days later with victories over Coolidge and Santa Cruz.

U.S. government taking action to promote religious freedom

During the holiday season, when many of us are exchanging presents and attending religious services, we sometimes take these things for granted. But in many countries, people are fired from their jobs, arrested by the authorities, sometimes even killed because of their faith.

Man killed when van rolls on Houston Mesa Road

Detectives from the Gila County Sheriff's Department can only speculate what led to a crash that killed 49-year-old Mohammand Azari of Scottsdale on Houston Mesa Road.

Injuries now plague PHS hardwood warriors

Only days prior to the tip off of the Pepsi Cola Invitational Tournament, Longhorn boys' basketball coach Randy Wilcox was elated he'd finally have a complete lineup of players to take to the three-day fray in Flagstaff.

Man finds hope in midst of India's despair

Laundry laced from building to building to dry over an alley; women cooking the evening meal over small fires fueled by cow manure; small children lying weakly in a hospital ward built specifically for malnourished patients; laughing children, dressed in blue uniforms with the word "hope" pinned to their sweaters, right over the heart.

Clinton's misdeeds are not 'high crimes'

Observing the impeachment hysteria taking place in Washington and your publisher's latest editorial in favor of President Clinton's impeachment, I wonder how many realize the long-term impact this may have on the stability of our political system. Put aside for a moment the individual, Bill Clinton. At the most, in two years he will be gone. Think about the presidency and the balance of powers so essential to our form of government.

Stumped for a gift? Coach says buy the book

Looking for the perfect last-minute Christmas gift for the sports nut in your life?

Five Horns tapped for North vs. South game

Five senior players and possibly one other from the 1998 Class 3A Arizona State champion Payson Longhorn football team will be participating in the Arizona Coaches Association North vs. South All-Star game.

County sues for bigger cut of tobacco suit

Gila County just wants its fair share.

Thursday, December 17

County leashes dogs in District 1

Round up your dogs and keep them restrained. The Gila County Board of Supervisors Tuesday approved a leash law for District 1 that immediately became law.

Two treated, released in 3-car crash

Two Payson residents, Daniel Barrick, 40, and a 16-year-old girl, were treated and released from Payson Regional Medical Center Thursday afternoon following a three-car collision on Highway 87 at Houston Mesa Road.

Officials plan to get 87-260 intersection a passing grade

The intersection at the Beeline and Highway 260 isn't making the grade.

Fired up over fire breaks

Trimming of forest leaves homes safer, residents surprised

Sherry and Mark Peterson's home is nestled snuggly in Pine Creek Canyon, a picturesque setting that has lured many to the Rim country.

Autographed Longhorn ball to be raffled

On Super Bowl Sunday, some lucky sports fan is going to walk away with a nifty autographed football signed by all the members of the 1998 PHS state championship football team, a team poster and a video tape complete with player interviews of the 29-20 conquest of Blue Ridge.

Get H.A.M. for Christmas

If you are looking for a unique present, there's plenty of HAM available permits, that is.

Hardwood squad sports complete lineup in Flagstaff

With a full lineup finally at his beck and call, first year Longhorn boys' basketball coach Randy Wilcox is taking life a little easier these days.

Grapplers' winning streak grinds to a halt

The Payson Longhorns four-year 81-dual match winning streak came to a grinding halt Saturday evening at Salpointe High School in Tucson.

Seven Horns tapped for All-Star team

A panel of three including a nationally recognized retired coach, former Payson High School coach and the Coolidge Athletic Director have selected the 1998 Class 3A All-State football team. Payson competes in the 3A conference and had seven players tapped.

APS would do good service by closing plants

One of my favorite hikes in the Mogollon Rim country is the trail west of Strawberry that goes down to Fossil Creek. It is steep going down and the return trip is arduous, but worth the six miles of effort because of the beauty that awaits me there. Fossil Creek is a rare travertine stream with mineral-laden water that coats rock and plant debris, forming dams behind which are clear, habitat-enhancing stairstep pools.

Vehicles mangled but drivers OK

A two-vehicle accident sent two people to the hospital Tuesday night after a passenger car collided with a pickup truck in north Payson. Both people were treated and released with only minor injuries.

Make sure Saddam is the target

Violence is always the worst way to solve a problem.

Indeed, we often do 'play God'

Once again a familiar term has been used. In one of the answers to the Street Talk question of Dec. 11, "What do you think about Dr. Jack Kavorkian's stand on assisted suicides?" One answer said, "I don't think we should be playing God."

Credit for Kids can cut federal taxes

There have been a number of articles and letters to the editor about the Credit For Kids. Basically, the information presented says that if you donate to and/or pay a fee for an extracurricular activity at a public school, you can take a credit on your Arizona income tax return equal to the amount paid, up to $200.

Monday, December 14

Banged up Lady Horns head to Holiday Hoops

After watching the Lady Longhorns' three leading scorers succumb to injuries, and several other players relegated to the sidelines with bumps, bruises and illnesses, coach Jerry Daniels says he can only hope all return to form for the Second Annual Payson Holiday Hoops Tournament.

Grapplers prepare for Rim Country Duals

A handful of Longhorn wrestlers, most notably heavyweight Blair River, are struggling to round into peak wrestling condition with one of the season's premier events the Rim Country Duals set for this weekend in Wilson dome.

Armstrong racks up a nice elk

The recent elk hunt was a banner one for Jimbo Armstrong after he downed a nice-sized bull that sported an impressive 6x7 rack.

Opinions unleashed on proposed rules for dogs

A proposed leash law was discussed but no formal action was taken at Thursday's Payson Town Council meeting.

Sting nets four stores selling cigs to minors

Dean Pederson, Payson Unified School District health specialist, says he's just a foot soldier in the war against tobacco.

Meals at schools going up 25 cents

Parents will have to add an extra quarter a day to their children's lunch money in 1999.

Impeachment justified and necessary

Nothing good has ever come from cheating. Whether you are the president of the United States or a high school student, the consequences of cheating will ultimately always be bad.

Representative Udall kept life, politics in perspective

Another Arizona legend, U.S. Rep. Mo Udall, has fallen.

Pine-Strawberry is a community with a big heart

The Pine/Strawberry community is more than a picturesque village in the scenic mountains of Arizona, it is a community that reaches out, time and time again, to help any and all who need help.

Give our kids some of your tax credit

The time is come to take some credit and help your local schools.

Fire department seeking to derail holiday tragedies

It was Dec. 24, 1974, when a young firefighter responded to his first real blaze a Christmas tree fire that destroyed the home of a Tucson family the morning of Christmas Eve. The cause of the fire was electrical. The family had left their Christmas tree lights on all night.

Shelby remains undefeated on the court

If the Shelby School boys' basketball team continues to build on its 8-0 record, the squad could play the role of an unfriendly host when the 1998 Copper State Jam tournament is played Jan. 8-10 in the Tonto Apache gymnasium.

Thursday, December 10

Literacy program seeking tutors - and clients

Johnny can't read. And neither can his father.

Streak on the line in Tucson

PHS wrestling squad facing pair of tough 5A foes

Will 1998 go down in sports annals as the year of the streak busters?

Local angler brings home some bacon

Payson fishing pro John Browning angled his way to a seventh-place finish and $225 in prize money at the AllStar Bass Pro-Am Invitational held Dec. 5 at Lake Pleasant.

Premier attracting disgruntled HMO patients

Eighty-six-year-old Jane Miller of Mesa del Caballo drove her old car over to Payson's Elks Lodge on a frosty afternoon that threatened to get worse.

Young sharpshooters earn awards

Following a full morning of free throw shooting in the Rim Country Middle School gymnasium Saturday, champions of the Elks-sponsored Hoop Shoot were crowned by BPOE chairman Bob Troutman.

Donation from tribe, MHA brings clearer vision to health programs

Local nurses, doctors and residents will get a clearer picture about health thanks to a donation to Payson Regional Medical Center by the Tonto Apache Tribe and Mogollon Health Alliance.

Rematch looms for PHS boys with tough Snowflake team

If the Payson High School boys' basketball team is to have any chance for victory in this evening's (Friday) hardwood battle against visiting Snowflake, the Horns must solve a pressuring defense that fueled a 74-52 Lobo victory in an earlier matchup. Game time is 7 p.m. in the Wilson dome.

Local runner's commitment gets longer

Beth Boyers says "I'm hooked."

Last year for school chief Russ Kinzer

After devoting 25 years to Arizona education, Payson School Superintendent Russ Kinzer is heading for higher ground.

What makes an angel?

This time of year there are millions of youthful eyes searching the night skies for reindeer and sleigh, but there are just as many hearts turned to thoughts of angels and their existence.

Samaritan doctors not contracted with Premier

To all patients of Samaritan Family Health Center - Payson: We would like to provide you with correct information regarding our clinic's current status with Premier Health Plan which is being marketed in Gila County.

Smith surely not a child molester

Last Friday the Roundup ran a story about an unsigned letter accusing Fred Smith, a new resident of Payson, of being a child molester.

Rim setting could help mothers, children in need

I have been a long-time resident of Arizona and have considered Payson to be my second home. Every chance I got I would escape from the Valley and head up to Payson to take my kids to the park or play in the creeks, or just walk through the woods. Payson is awesome and the people are great.

Rollover puts woman in hospital

A Strawberry woman and her 5-year-old granddaughter were sent to the hospital Tuesday after a rollover accident on Fossil Creek Road.

Construction to start at EAC campus on Dec. 17

Eastern Arizona College officials hired Johnson-Carlier construction Wednesday to build a 21,000-square-foot college building in Payson.

Monday, December 7

Hail to the unsung heroes of the gridiron

Locker room references to offensive lineman are often unflattering clichthat leave the uninitiated to football culture cringing.

Do we want to punish or rehabilitate?

When do we quit casting stones?

Don't spend tax dollars on tourism

According to the Arizona Republic, Gov. Hull is becoming concerned about the small amount of money that Arizona is spending on attracting tourists.

Hunter uninjured after chilly night lost in woods

Members of the Tonto Rim Search and Rescue Squad were called out Sunday evening when it was reported that Flagstaff hunter Jim Milton failed to return to his campsite that day.

P-S School hiring John Ketchem as consultant

The Dec. 7 Pine-Strawberry School Board meeting, which was canceled Monday for lack of a quorum, has been rescheduled for 8 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 15.

Lady Horns net postseason honors

In a voting of coaches at season's end, four members of the Lady Longhorn volleyball squad were named to the 1998 All-Central Division team.

Champion Horns tapped for All-Central teams

Longhorn football players reveling in the accomplishments of the past season are eagerly reaping the rewards of an undefeated campaign and the school's first gridiron state championship since 1981.

Local Samaritan doctors not among Premier providers

Contrary to Payson Dr. Ray Hatch's contention voiced in Friday's Roundup, the physicians at Samaritan Family Health Center in Payson have not contracted with a new HMO coming to the area, Premier Healthcare of Arizona.

Council readying tighter leash law

Starting February, dog owners will have to keep their dogs on their property or on a leash in town if a proposed amendment is passed by the Town Council.

Icy highways claim one life and several vehicles

One person has died and at least four vehicles were involved in single-car accidents between Pine and the Tonto Natural Bridge due to dangerously icy roads Monday.

Myers resigning from P-S School Board

Pine-Strawberry School Board member Tina Myers, one of two seasoned members on the five-member board, abruptly resigned Thursday, less than a month before three newly elected board members are scheduled to take office.

Christmas stocking of rainbow trout planned for Saguaro Lake

The Arizona Game and Fish Department has some Christmas stocking gifts scheduled, but they aren't necessarily made for hanging on the chimney during the holidays. For the first time during the holidays, the department will be stocking rainbow trout at Saguaro Lake.

Grant money is really our money

In a recent article, Roundup reporter Jerry Thebado did an informative piece on the new court officer collecting late fines for the Payson Police Department. As is normal for Jerry and everyone on the Roundup staff, he has a politician's grasp of funding. Direct quotes from the article include "a new grant funded by town, county and state sources," and "success of the program will eventually make it a self-funded position."

Thursday, December 3

Lady Horns head to California

After watching his Lady Longhorns commit a whopping 40 turnovers in its opening two games of the 1998-99 season, coach Jerry Daniels spent the practice week intent on improving the ball handling and passing skills of his charges.

Second HMO to begin service in Rim country

A second HMO is planning to provide a health care plan to senior citizens in northern Gila County.

Rim Country Middle School grapplers the 'dark horse'

The 1998 White Mountain League wrestling season wraps up tomorrow, Saturday in Wilson dome.

A newcomer's take on our town

Here is a letter that we normally would not publish on our opinion page.

Trout stocking truck draws attention

A movie star pulling up in a stretch limousine would not have drawn more attention than the Arizona Game and Fish Department's trout stocking truck in the parking lot of the Phon D. Sutton Recreation Area along the Lower Salt River recently.

PHS wrestlers face tough opener

Now that the football season has culminated with a Class 3A state championship, many fans will turn their attention to wrestling hoping for a chance at another Payson High School state crown.

Final stats lead to postseason honors

The winter sports of basketball and wrestling are under way at Payson High, but in terms of football the 1998 Class 3A state champion Longhorns can kick back and reap the postseason rewards of an unblemished campaign.

If not Bible Week, why proclaim anything?

I have been reading the comments about the declared Bible week and I find it rather pathetic that we cannot have a Bible week, when we can declare anyone and anything for a week.

Enthusiasm for decorating brightens highway in Pine

Motorists get an eyeful of holiday lights whether they look east or west in Pine as two real estate offices on either side of Highway 87 stage an undeclared battle of the bulbs.

Rules change for gun buyers

Hunters and gun enthusiasts are up in arms this week over new Brady Act rules that went into effect Monday.

Flier falsely calls man a 'molester'

Just as video engineer Fred R. Smith was settling into his new home in north Payson, copies of a scarlet letter were mailed to his neighbors, unjustly branding him a child molester.