If Not Bible Week, Why Proclaim Anything?


I have been reading the comments about the declared Bible week and I find it rather pathetic that we cannot have a Bible week, when we can declare anyone and anything for a week.

We have some man's name and declare it for a week. We name streets after men and women. We celebrate days with practically no meaning whatsoever. We have many, many days that are so called "great days" and some of them mean nothing to most people.

What, may I ask, is wrong with having a Bible week? It will be taken with a grain of salt by some. It will be used for unscrupulous means by others. It will be a pleasure for many others. A week of study for even more than a few.

The Bible is the most read book in the entire universe and one of the most loved. No one is saying that anyone has to even observe it or acknowledge it. We are a free nation and we have choices to read and celebrate what we choose. We have free will given as a gift from God and if someone chooses to have a Bible week, then I say, let 'em.

We of the free will may celebrate or not. It is our choice. I see no reason to make a big deal out of it. I am a minister of non-denominational New Thought. It is an open and individual relationship that one has with God. I believe that we may, as individuals, choose what path we walk and what week or book we want to celebrate. I respect all faiths and religions.

The Bible is my main textbook and I realize it is for millions of others. I say, celebrate the Bible. It has brought us far.

Rev. Annelle' Henson

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