Don't Spend Tax Dollars On Tourism


According to the Arizona Republic, Gov. Hull is becoming concerned about the small amount of money that Arizona is spending on attracting tourists.

That may be a valid concern. I don't know, and I don't care. What I do care about is, that I do not want any of my money being spent on attracting tourists, or anyone else, to Arizona.

Even here in the boondocks, we have more newcomers of one kind or another than we can afford. That is all right, and is no concern of the governor's. It is a free country, and people may go where they please. However, it is absolutely foolish to spend money to bring more of them here.

If the state has money that is burning a hole in its pocket, then give it back to us. It really is our money. We sent it to Phoenix in the first place. I can guarantee you that the great majority of the people in Payson have better plans as to how to spend their share of any state money than using it to invite more tourists.

According to the Arizona Republic article, every man, woman and child in Arizona, is on average, now contributing at least $2 per year toward inviting more tourists (at $8.3 million spent by the state). Plus, a good share of the $9.8 million spent by the Maricopa and Pima County Chambers of Commerce comes out of our pockets too. The members of the Chambers of Commerce certainly don't take it out of their post-tax profits.

The State Legislature should see that we don't get further vandalized in the name of bringing more people to Arizona.

Dan Adams

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