Myers Resigning From P-S School Board


Pine-Strawberry School Board member Tina Myers, one of two seasoned members on the five-member board, abruptly resigned Thursday, less than a month before three newly elected board members are scheduled to take office.

In a letter to the board dated Nov. 30, Myers said she is moving out of the district and must resign immediately, halfway through her four-year term.

"I am grateful for the wonderful learning experience this opportunity has provided me," she wrote in her letter of resignation, "and wish you all success in your endeavor to make Pine-Strawberry Elementary School the best it can be."

According to Arizona law, school board members must live in the districts they serve throughout their terms. If they move outside the boundaries of the district, they must resign.

"I'm moving to Payson because it's more convenient to my job," said Myers, who works for local radio station KMOG.

The position will be filled by an appointment from Gila County School Superintendent Armida Bittner based on a recommendation from the school board, he said. No candidates, however, have yet been identified, he said.

"The board will be looking for candidates who have demonstrated dedication to the well being of Pine school, who know the school and the community and who have a desire to support the staff, school and students on the road to excellence," P-S Principal Richard Soikkeli said.

"The position will be filled as quickly as possible -- as soon as Armida can confidently make an appointment."

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