Samaritan Doctors Not Contracted With Premier


To all patients of Samaritan Family Health Center - Payson: We would like to provide you with correct information regarding our clinic's current status with Premier Health Plan which is being marketed in Gila County.

The physicians at the Samaritan Family Health Center are currently NOT contracted to provide any type of service to patients who enroll with Premier Health Plan.

If you choose to enroll in the Premier Health Plan, we are unable to bill the insurance company for any services provided to you by one of our physicians. Therefore, you would be financially responsible for your bill.

If you would have further questions or concerns regarding this issue, please do not hesitate to contact Shannon Hounshell, practice manager, at 474-1714, ext. 129 for more information.

David Cluff, D.O.
James Schouten, M.D.
Judith Hunt, M.D.
Steven Ressler, M.D.
Alfonso Munoz, M.D.
Luis Coppelli, M.D.
Richard Manch, M.D.
Samaritan Family Health Center - Payson Health Care Providers

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