Give Our Kids Some Of Your Tax Credit


The time is come to take some credit and help your local schools.

Five years ago I began working as an activist in the Legislature to get a tax credit bill passed. When it continued to fail, this became one of the key reasons that I decided to run for office. This past session we were finally successful. A.R.S. 43-1089.01, allows you to get tax credit when you pay up to $200 to a public school for extracurricular activities that require an enrolled student to pay a fee. This means taxpayers may help schools -- not the state treasury -- and reduce their state tax bill at the same time.

What will the money be used for? Field trips to fine arts events, museums, science centers and more, plus overnight trips for the fine arts programs, science programs, etc.

Who can take advantage of this opportunity? Anyone who pays Arizona State income tax can do this.

How can you help a school? Contact your local school and ask to whom you should deliver a check. The school will issue a tax credit receipt to you, then you can claim the tax credit when filing your 1998 Arizona State Income Tax.

If you must pay taxes anyway, why not help students at the same time?

This next session I will be working to broaden the scope of the tax credit law so that individuals can direct their money wherever they would like to in their children's schools. This recognizes the money teachers spend in the classroom and gives us an opportunity to give teachers some credit too. I ask for your support of true local control -- that of the local citizen.

Please disseminate this information as soon as possible. For more information, contact my office at (602) 542-5861. Thank you very much.

I love God, life, my state and the opportunity to serve. Let us always work together for a brighter future.

District 4 Rep. Debra Brimhall

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