Impeachment Justified And Necessary


Nothing good has ever come from cheating. Whether you are the president of the United States or a high school student, the consequences of cheating will ultimately always be bad.

Some say, "The president's sexual affairs are a personal matter and do not warrant impeachment." I agree that this ordeal started out as a personal matter, but the president made it a public matter when he chose to drag his family, friends and the entire country through many months of lies.

What started out as a private matter, which could have been solved between Mr. Clinton and his spouse, turned into a showcase of poor character from the man who is the chief law-enforcement officer of our nation and one of the most influential role models to our children.

I have spoken to some of our readers who believe the president should be impeached, but they feel it would be hard on our nation's stability to do it now.

I believe now is the right time to remove President Clinton from office in order to ensure future stability. This action would send a clear message to our political leaders and future presidents that we expect them to be men and women of integrity.

We should not expect perfection -- everyone errs and makes mistakes they are not proud of. But our elected leaders, in whom we are supposed to trust, should be able to stand up and say, "I'm sorry, I made a grave mistake and I will fix it to the best of my ability. Please forgive me and I will try to go forward and serve you the way you elected me to do."

If President Clinton had done this a year ago when his cheating ways where first coming to light, I would not voice my opinion for impeachment. But his arrogant, irresponsible, "you can't catch me, I'm the gingerbread man" attitude makes me feel angry and betrayed.

This latest Clinton scandal, combined with a collection of others, has given all of us more than a peek inside the character of this gingerbread man.

It's time we end his run.
--Richard Haddad, Publisher

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