Pine-Strawberry Is A Community With A Big Heart


The Pine/Strawberry community is more than a picturesque village in the scenic mountains of Arizona, it is a community that reaches out, time and time again, to help any and all who need help.

To the Realtors, who give and give, to the Kiwanis, who are always willing to help the children, to the merchants who are always donating anything they are asked for, to the various churches who reach out to any and all who need love and kindness, to the wonderful firemen who are always there when we need them, to the individuals who give and give to the needy, to all the citizens who just plain care to make this a warm and loving home for all the children, and to the children who return the love and care they receive with food drives for the needy, THANK YOU!

The children of this community will grow up with a sense of community and caring that is very rare to find these days.

Thank you for being a community I am very proud to be a part of.

Joy Khapheide
A proud resident of Pine/Strawberry

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