County Leashes Dogs In District 1


Round up your dogs and keep them restrained. The Gila County Board of Supervisors Tuesday approved a leash law for District 1 that immediately became law.

For years, Gila County has dealt with occasional requests for dog ordinances by holding public hearings, then, if warranted, drafting ordinances within specific fire districts. This new ordinance covers all of District 1 outside the Payson town limits.

"This makes it easier for the animal control officers, and also for the residents," District 1 Supervisor Ron Christensen said. "They now know they have an ordinance that protects them from dogs running loose, or barking dogs."

Any dog not on the owner's property must be on a leash or otherwise restrained.

Enforcement of the ordinance is by northern Gila County's two animal control officers. Once a citation is issued for violation, an appointed hearing officer will listen to the case, and determine whether a violation occurred. The dog's owner could be subject to a fine of up to $500.

"There's no law against cats," Christensen said. "The state Legislature hasn't passed any laws about cats running at large, and it doesn't seem likely that they will."

For more information about the new dog ordinance, call the local animal control office at 474-2105.

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