Get H.A.M. For Christmas


If you are looking for a unique present, there's plenty of HAM available permits, that is.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department has a horde of leftover handgun, archery and muzzleloader (H.A.M.) javelina tags available on a first-come, first-served basis through the mail only.

Call (602) 789-3702 to find out what hunts have tags available.

There are still plenty of first-come, first-served permits available for the General Javelina Season through the mail, but the choices are dwindling almost on a daily basis. Don't wait.

There are various ways to get hunt-permit applications if you don't already have some.

They are available at hunting and fishing license dealers throughout the state. They are available at all department offices. You can get an application from the department's Fax-On-Request Line (602-530-2210). Just call and follow the prompts. Or you can get a copy from the department's Internet home page at

"Don't forget to obtain a 1999 hunting license. And as a reminder, a youth combination license is just $18 which is the price of just a hunting license," said public information officer Rory Aikens.

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