Indeed, We Often Do 'Play God'


Once again a familiar term has been used. In one of the answers to the Street Talk question of Dec. 11, "What do you think about Dr. Jack Kavorkian's stand on assisted suicides?" One answer said, "I don't think we should be playing God."

What exactly does "playing God" mean? Evidently to most people it means "let nature take its course." In other words, don't interfere with God or nature. Mother Nature and God are one and the same.

How often do we "play God," i.e. interfere with nature? How many of you wear glasses or a hearing aid? Do you have an artificial heart valve, as I do, or an artificial limb or false teeth? Have you had an operation? Do you agree with organ transplants? Do you take pills? Do you know someone on dialysis or oxygen?

I think that continuing life support on a brain-dead body is "playing God."

How many of you object to the many hybrid plants and animals that we use, cases where man has manipulated nature? And we could even get so far afield as to ask how about all the dams on rivers? How about using fertilizer? How about planting a Colorado Blue Spruce in Payson, where God didn't plant it?

I think you get the idea. How often do we "play God"?

Max Partch

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