Local Ads Off, Cnbc On At Channel 6


Subscribers of Cable Vision in Payson will see a new channel added to their basic service line-up: CNBC starts this week on Channel 6.

Channel 6 was previously reserved for local access, on which local station operator Larry Sheehan sold advertising that was broadcast on a continuing cycle.

"I have been unable to locate a contract, a leased access agreement, for Channel 6 to be dedicated to someone putting their own information on," said Ellen Kent, general manager of Cable Vision.

With a growing number of requests for CNBC, Kent did what she thought was the logical solution --take the channel run by Sheehan that was strictly used for local advertising, and begin showing CNBC.

"CNBC has been a highly requested channel from our customers," she said. It is a 24-hour cable network, offering business news programming during the day, and broad-based news, talk and entertainment programming during prime time. Weekend programming features business, technology and legal news magazines, along with entertainment and talk shows.

Kent said she's been trying for months to get some documentation from Sheehan "to legitimized him tying up one of my channels." Without proof of any previous contract, Cable Vision began running CNBC as of Dec. 31.

Sheehan was unavailable for comment.
"If he produces some kind of contract, we'll certainly review it," she said. "Cable companies general have standard leased access agreements for local origination."

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