There's Not Enough Words To Thank Vets


"Veterans want us to have freedom, peace and joy ... Veterans are important

because they risk their lives just to save us." - Kyden Jordan, 8

"A veteran is a person who gives us freedom." - Stephen Mullins, 9

"We should be proud of them and glad to have them." - Naomi DePugh, 8

Not enough can be said in gratitude for the men and women who have served

our country as members of the armed forces. They placed their faith in our

country's founding principles on the line in the most fundamental way: as a

matter of life and death.
As members of the U.S. military, our veterans gave up some of their own

freedoms to insure that the rest of us could enjoy the fruits of freedom

fully. They often faced peril and many have paid the price in death, injury,

and mental and emotional trauma that sometimes failed to heal.

They turned their lives and their well-being over to commanding officers, to

the President and the Congress - to us.
No, not enough can be said in gratitude to our veterans, but sometimes this

does not require many words. Witness the simple statements of the three

Frontier Elementary third-graders printed above, compiled for a class

assignment. We thank them and their fellow students in Mrs. Chovich's class

for sharing their thoughts.
Rim country residents have an opportunity to give our local veterans a hand

Wednesday night at "A Tribute to Glory," an evening of music, celebration

and thanks at the Payson High School auditorium. The affair begins at 7 p.m.

Admission is free.
That means all it will cost you is some time. That's a pretty fair price to

pay to honor those in our community who have given so much more.

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