Gop Must Get Back To The Basics


First, congratulations to Rep. Matt Salmon on his re-election. The people of the United States need him in Washington. Second, congratulations on his being among the leaders of the group who forced Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich to resign.

There is no doubt that America, and the Republican Party, owe much to Speaker Gingrich for engineering the 1994 Republican take-over of Congress. However, by the end of 1995 he had lost his way, and never regained it.

In 1994 the people who elected Salmon and his class of peers wanted:

A. Less government
B. A much smaller bureaucracy
C. Less regulation
D. A simpler tax code that was used to collect taxes, not social engineering

E. Much lower taxes, so we could spend the money we earned on what we wanted, not what a bunch of clowns in Washington thought was good for us.

It is now almost 1999 and we haven't gotten any of the above. The Republicans being in charge has not improved anything over when the Democrats were in charge. For awhile they did slow down the rate of government growth, but in October that reverted to the old days with the new budget.

I hope that the Republican Party can choose a new leadership and reorganize itself so that it can get back to the basics listed above.

Dan Adams

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