Cuts Required On Police Station


The basic building will look the same, but architect Karl Derrah and Payson Police Chief Gordon Gartner are going back to the drawing board to "nibble a little more" at the plans for a new police station.

That's what Town Councilmember Jack Monschein told them to do at Thursday's council meeting.

The council took no action on a request by Gartner to accept the design development plans for the proposed police facility.

Monschein told Gartner he would like to see more cuts in the facility, which was estimated to be more than $500,000 over its expected cost.

Derrah told the council that he had taken the plans to a professional cost estimator and that they had come up with an estimate which was twice the budgeted amount of $1,178,000.

Before bringing the proposal to the council Thursday, Derrah and Gartner had made some cuts in the plans.

The revised estimate totaled $1,696,000, about $200 a square foot for the proposed building on the Town Hall campus.

Derrah and Gartner eliminated some parts of a proposed security system, chemically resistant gutters and downspouts, and made minor design changes.

Despite the cuts, they could not meet the budgeted amount.

Town Manager Rich Underkofler told the council that the additional cost could be taken up in the next year's budget.

"This project is going to span two budget years," he said. "The funding is going to have to be addressed. If this number is too high, we'll get a bid in May."

Gartner suggested holding a work study session to try to find ways to cut the cost of the project.

A special work study session with the Town Council has been tentatively scheduled for 4 p.m. Dec. 3 to discuss the new police facility.

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