Zoning Granted For New Health Care Facility On South Mclane


The Town Council has paved the way for a proposed adult care facility next to Manzanita Manor.

The council on Thursday approved a zoning application for the proposed facility next to Mazanita Manor contingent upon water requirements being met.

The project will require the equivalent of 48 residential units' worth of water. The developer has a credit for 78 ERUS, which belong to Kaibab, the previous property owner.

Mayor Vern Stiffler said the town should seek to retire the remaining credits.

Councilmember Ken Murphy works at Manzanita Manor, which is selling the property to the developers of the project, and abstained from voting because of conflict of interest.

Murphy told the council he could guarantee retiring 10 ERUs, but could not speak further on the developer's behalf.

Councilmember Jim Spencer motioned to approve the rezoning with 14 conditions and to direct Public Works Director Buzz Walker to negotiate retiring a minimum of 10 water credits.

Councilmember Barbara Brewer voted against the rezoning. Brewer said she approved of the project, but not the transference of the water credits to include a parcel on the property that had no water credits.

Vets store gets OK
The council unanimously approved a conditional use permit for a second-hand store at 210 W. Wade Lane.

The request was met with some opposition by Karen Christensen, a property owner who lives across the street from the site. The property, the site of the Veterans Helping Veterans housing facility, also has been used for yard sales to benefit the veterans program.

Christensen said she had no problems with the group helping veterans. "The issue is that a second-hand store is being put across the street from us."

She said that when she looks out her window or goes out her door, she sees an unsightly number of items piled up across the street from her house.

"We don't feel that because we live in an older neighborhood, we should have to put up with this," she said.

Community Development Director Bob Gould told the council that outside sales were a concern and that the town had responded previously to violations at the property.

"They have been cited," Christensen said. "They have been called. They don't respond."

John Lewis, a veteran and member of Veterans Helping Veterans, told the council during the public hearing that the non-profit organization helps many local veterans.

"If this is denied," he said, "they will be denied that help."

Misty Isley, one of the two organizers of the group, said the store generates funds that benefit a lot of people. She said the group provides 106,000 meals a year to local veterans.

"We're not just a second-hand store," she said.

The council approved the request, although the Planning and Zoning Commission voted 2-2 and did not recommend approval. Two members of the commission had abstained, citing conflict of interest because they are veterans.

The council voted in favor of the request contingent upon the property complying with current town ordinances, including not having outside storage.

Hillside rules tabled
The council tabled an amendment to the unified development code pertaining to hillside development.

Gould told the council he had some concerns about the specifics of the ordinance and wanted to delay the decision on the amendment.

The council authorized the expenditure of $7,500 from the parks and recreation budget to appraise the Payson Golf Course for acquisition by the town.

Murphy said there was a "compelling reason" to look into buying the property.

"There is water under it," he said.
Councilmember Hoby Herron said he had a number of golfers stop him on the street to ask him if the fees at the golf course would be lowered.

"I'd say we'd have to use the fees to pay off the golf course and then you're looking at lowering fees," Herron said.

Payson Golf Course owner Harry Parsons had said he was interested in selling the golf course to the town, but had not put it on the market.

The council also approved a request by Parks and Recreation Director Bill Schwind to authorize spending $55,000 to develop a street course skate park at Rumsey Park.

Herron told Schwind that the proposed street course looked relatively small.

"The merchants are anxious to get this place," Herron said. "Would they be willing to help make this larger?"

Schwind said that donations for additional equipment would be welcome. "We do have the ability to expand," he said.

Only one Town Council meeting is scheduled for the month of December. The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. Dec. 10 in council chambers at Town Hall.

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